Now Open! Melrose 360° Holiday Showroom

Now Open! Melrose 360° Holiday Showroom We are excited to help bring a little joy into your life this Christmas season, when we are all home for the holidays. This market season we are delighted to bring you a new way to shop – Melrose 360° Holiday Showroom! This virtual version of our 2020 Home […]

How To Run a Successful Refer-A-Friend Campaign

Connecting with customers and prospects is challenging. Advertising costs are rising. Budgets are tightening, and consumers are bombarded with numerous marketing messages every day. Brands continue to invest significant time and resources into acquiring new customers, only to lose them after their initial purchase.  An alternative to this challenging scenario is Referral Marketing.  It presents […]

Non-Traditional Ways to Earn Money with Dropship

In today’s Melrose Blog, LeAnn covers non-traditional ways to leverage the Melrose Dropship Program to help encourage sales and expand your available inventory so you always have the right products available.  She’ll give you additional ideas and solutions you might not have thought about since the Dropship Program doesn’t have order minimums!  

Instagram – Shopping & Ads – What’s The Difference?


Instagram – Grow Your Brand With Influencer Marketing

Instagram - Grow Your Brand With Influencer Marketing Did you know that when it comes to influencer marketing, Instagram is the best performing channel for social action across all social platforms? Poised to become a key strategy in promoting your products and brand on Instagram. Its ease of implementation, low-cost, and effectiveness in boosting your [...]

We’re Open Program: Part 3

LeAnn covers the “We’re Open” program” from Melrose and how we plan to provide you marketing support.  We want to commemorate your opening whether it’s curbside pick-up, offering personal shopping appointments or a full-on doors open event.  Watch the video, then send us your photos so we can all celebrate together!   No signage for your […]

Instagram – The Value of Hashtags

Instagram - The Value of Hashtags Before the idea of “hashtags” existed, the # symbol meant the pound sign or the number sign. Now, when you see # on social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, it’s probably being used as a “hashtag”. After 12 years, the use of hashtags have grown exponentially in popularity [...]

Increase Sales: Part 2

LeAnn covers ways to increase profit margin and some final creative ways to partner with area businesses to get the job done. Remember the 3 ways to increase sales. Bring in new customers Cultivate current customers Increase profit margin  

Instagram – Convert Your Personal Profile to a Business

Convert Your Personal Instagram Profile to a Business Why should you create a business profile? If you’re a brand looking to create a following on Instagram and use the platform strategically.  You’re going to want an Instagram business profile to take advantage of all the added perks and tool improvements provided for your brand. Note [...]

Increase Sales: Part One

In part one LeAnn goes over a 2 of the 3 ways to increase sales in your retail space in 2020  

Instagram – Be Known, Liked, and Trusted

Infuse “Know”, “Like”, and “Trust” into your Instagram Content to Grow Organically Being known, liked and trusted is the trifecta for growing both your customer base and sales on Instagram. Having customers that Know you, Like you and your products, and Trust your brand comes from the delivery of a consistent and authentic experience. But [...]

Social Promotions

Social Promotions along with properly segmenting and targeting your audience can take your revenue to new heights.  You know your customer base and their buying habits. To bring in brand new customers, and keep them is the holy grail for growing your business. To replicate capturing new customers on an ongoing process takes some round […]

Road to Recovery: Part Two

Today we cover Road to Recovery video part two. We talk about “asking for the sale” and current home shopping trends. Enjoy! To see part one go here  

Road to Recovery: Part One

For today we have a quick video or rather part one of our “Road to Recovery” series. It goes over our survey results of what some of our customers are going through. As we start looking at advancing past the few stumbling blocks of selling online for the first time. Arguably the most important part […]

Growing Facebook-Inviting and Encouraging Shares

Sharing is the highest honor for your Facebook post!  It’s what Facebook’s algorithm values most in the world of social media marketing.  It’s rewarded with increased news feed visibility and increased reach potential.  Shares, are what you need to grow a Facebook business page. Emotion is the number one reason people share something on Facebook.  […]


At some point you will be prompted to “boost” one of your Facebook posts. For a small business owner like yourself, this would be considered an offer for paid social promotion or sponsored content. A “boosted” or sponsored post is a simple and effective way to digitally advertise for reaching new audiences on Facebook. When […]

Facebook Posting: When & How

Social media marketing is a low cost way to market your business.  Most of the marketing requires your time and not an outlay of cash.  Facebook is the largest social platform for most retailers.  It’s the easiest platform to start marketing and one of the most universal for online sales.  Commonly, retailers want to know […]


Selling on social media, otherwise known as social selling, is when businesses choose to upload and sell their products on a social platform verses a website. Social selling is simply exploding in this moment of COVID-19 “stay home, stay healthy”. For the most part, posting products for sell on most social platforms via smartphone, tablet […]

Facebook Live for the first time? No Sweat.

You’ve decided to try your first Facebook Live!  Congratulations.  When you decide to market Live, you will reach a different audience than your normal scheduled video posts.  Facebook will notify every follower of your page as soon as you go live.  Live’s audience engagement is heightened when you are broadcasting so that your followers can interact […]

How Facebook Can Generate Cash Flow NOW

Your doors are closed, yet your store is open.  We can find creative ways to generate cash flow during these weeks.  Our sales reps are working with all retailers to help you to find creative ways to show and sell products in a safe and responsible manner. In this video we are showing you how […]

Rule Solovue Like a Boss!

Solovue can give you full access to your Melrose orders.  This access can let you know  your exact ETA for products you have on order.  You can make easy additions or changes to existing orders.  You will also have full access to check on updates frequently.  Customers often want to recheck products supply and anticipated [...]

Connect with Customers During Covid-19

Does Covid-19 have your store searching for ways to connect with customers?  This is the perfect time to work on social media marketing.  Thousands of customers are couch surfing this week.  Now is the time to put your store, and your inventory in front of them.    Shoppers are online, and you finally have time […]….. What’s that? I thought the website was

If you're reading this then you may already know about the amazing things, we have on, but in case you don't know we have a lot more than just this blog. Here's the low down on the website with all the resources you may need.     Melrose Pics has moved to You [...]

Melrose 2020 Top Sellers

As we enter into the excitement of the changing retail season, we thought it would be helpful, insightful, and kinda fun to go over the Melrose Home & Holiday Top 10 Sellers. Why are they hot sellers? Could they possibly help fill a void in your shop? Let's take a look at what makes things [...]