Mastering Holiday Preparations The Melrose Way

Mastering Holiday Preparations: Unlocking the Melrose Tree Formula and Exploring 3 Stunning Tree Topper Designs for a Joyful Holiday Season Welcome to the captivating world of tree decoration! Ken is the lead designer at Melrose International. And today he’ll guide you through the process of creating an amazingly Christmas tree, decorated using the Melrose Way. […]


Lamps | Collection Highlight: Simple Country Lamps have specific design features from the weight of the base, the heighth of the shade and much more that make certains lamps high quality and trending. LeAnn has a great look at Melrose Lamps, and why they are some of the best.   Lamps: What makes them special? […]

Laser Cut

Laser Focus | Laser Cut Designs Laser cut designs are used in many of our most trendy items. But the number one way to use them is with our #1 bestselling item…. Fia flame candles.  Checkout the multitude of laser cut lanterns and candle holders we have brought in to capitalize on the beauty of […]

Ornaments…. Not just for the tree anymore

Ways to decorate with ornaments in places other than the tree Ways to decorate with ornaments in places other than the tree​ Metals of gold, copper, and bronze are cutting through the basic brushed nickels and stainless looks in home décor.