Domestic and Canadian Freight Caps

Domestic & Canadian Freight Caps

Freight Services such as lift gate, inside delivery, residential delivery, or call for appointment are not covered in Freight Caps. Additional charges will apply. Freight caps do not apply to international shipments (Except to Canada). You must utilize a Melrose International freight carrier.

All truck orders: Minimum of $1,000

International Orders: Minimum of $2,500/ea

Canadian Freight Caps & Order Minimums

Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatoon:

$1,000 order minimum + 20% Freight Cap

All other provinces: $2,500 order minimum + 25% Freight Cap

Goods & Services Tax (GST) = 5% of product total

Brokerage Fees = 10% of product total (unless using your own Broker)Canadian customers will see 10% added to the merchandise total for Brokerage & Duties, and 5% added to the merchandise total for GST. If the customer has their own carrier, there will not be a guaranteed freight cap, and the brokerage fees & duties will most likely differ from the above.