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We have videos that discuss a variety of topics, from getting started to product selection and merchandising. Our videos will help you understand the Melrose product line, as well as how to best use it to meet your customers needs. We also have videos that discuss trends in the retail industry, such as the latest in technology and social media. Our videos will help you stay up to date with the latest trends and make sure that your store is staying ahead of the competition.

Home & Holiday 2023

Home & Garden 2024

7 Magical Moments

Exclusive Ceramics

Flocked Wreath

Your Next Post

Holy Family Snowglobes

7 Magical Moments
Lantern Ponies
Laser Cut Foldups
Economy Grade to Luxury & More
Added Benefits in Fall & Harvest
Breaking the Mold for Lantern Design
5.6% Category Increase is Expected

Home & Garden 2023

The Top 200 Best Sellers
The ENCHANTED Forest Vine
7 Questions You Need to Answer
Butterflies Become #1 Best Selling
Know your reorder items
Emotion Intertwined with Products

Spiritual Gift Decor Surges

3 New Ferns & Ways to Show Them

5 Top Selling Bird Displays

Familial Sculpts Transfer Emotion
Elevate & Separate in 4 Stylish Ways
3 Important Actions in Your Display

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