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Finding a dependable Home Decor Dropshipping partner can be difficult. Melrose International is the leader in the Home Decor Dropshipping. As a producer of trend-setting home decor, gift ware, and seasonal items for over 30 year we are prepared to help you reach your eCommerce goals. Deep from within our Midwestern roots grows a heartfelt desire to provide you superior service, quality products, expert design at an outstanding value. Melrose International is proud to be a trend setter in Home Decor Dropshipping.

We stay on top year after year because our focus has always been on our customer’s needs and by offering the best product diversity to set your home decor dropshipping apart from others. Also all of Melrose International’s products dropship from our warehouse in the US. Meaning our product will reach it’s destination even quicker.

Payment Options

Want to pay as you go? Provide us with your credit card information and we will email a copy of your invoices to you.



Want to pay monthly? You provide us with your FedEx or UPS account number and out the door your orders go. Don’t have a FedEx or UPS account? No worries we will ship it for you and add the shipping costs to your invoice. All orders ship from our warehouse located in Illinois. You can count on us getting your product to your customer quickly.


How can we help integrate with your dropship store? We will provide you with an inventory link, high-res images, and a data file that has everything that you need.


Because you partnered with Melrose for your dropshipping needs, you’re going to need to place dropship orders. Email your PO(s) to us at and we will enter your PO# with each order and dropship it within 2-3 days.


Curious about what kind of home decor products we offer? Download our product catalog and view the thousands of home decor products we make available to our dropshipping partners. All our products ship from the US from our warehouse in Illinois.

Because there is not sense in waiting, fill out the dropship application and begin dropshipping with Melrose International today!