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Finding a dependable Home Decor Dropshipping partner can be difficult. Melrose International is the leader in the Home Decor Dropshipping. As a producer of trend-setting home decor, gift ware, and seasonal items for over 30 year we are prepared to help you reach your eCommerce goals. Deep from within our Midwestern roots grows a heartfelt desire to provide you superior service, quality products, expert design at an outstanding value. Melrose International is proud to be a trend setter in Home Decor Dropshipping.

We stay on top year after year because our focus has always been on our customer’s needs and by offering the best product diversity to set your home decor dropshipping apart from others. Also all of Melrose International’s products dropship from our warehouse in the US. Meaning our product will reach it’s destination even quicker.

Curious about what kind of home decor products we offer? Download our product catalog and view the thousands of home decor products we make available to our dropshipping partners. All our products ship from the US from our warehouse in Illinois.

How can we help integrate with your dropship store? We will provide you with an inventory link, high-res images, and a data file that has everything that you need. Along with sales rankings, tips, and tricks we are with you every step of the way to help with your dropship needs.


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A: No, Dropship does not require a minimum opening order.

A: No, there is no minimum reorder for dropship.

A: Dropship does not have different discount levels, only one set price.

A: No, there is no freight cap for dropship. If you choose Tier 2 pricing, freight is built into that pricing by Melrose.

That depends. We do offer a suggested retail price for each item we dropship. It is up to the customer to ultimately decide on how they price
their items. We do suggest not to use the same mark-up price the customer would use in their store; the price will
be too high for online selling.

A: No, it is only what we suggest.

A: Yes. If there are further questions on this, please email Rob@melroseintl.com for clarification. 

A: The customer may do either. At time of sign up both options will be presented.

A: Yes. Melrose Intl. typically uses FedEx, but the customer may use their own shipper.

A: A packing slip comes in the box. “Melrose Intl.” is not on the header of the slip.

A: No, the boxes are plain cardboard boxes that do not contain our business name.

A: For damages, the end consumer will need to contact the Melrose customer they purchased from. That Melrose customer will then need to contact the Dropship/Ecommerce team to rectify the damaged goods. Melrose should never be in direct contact with the end consumer regarding dropship.

A: Typically, a damaged product on dropship is not picked up unless it is of high value or for another reason. Karrie needs to be contacted for drop ship damages, and she will make the decision on pickups and returns. She will issue the credit at her discretion.

A: We have a 30-day return policy

A: In this situation we would typically do a replacement to the customer. Please contact Karrie for this situation.


A: Call our Melrose office. If the order has already been shipped and cannot be stopped, the customer may refuse the item/s.

A: No. You can dropship items to any zip code in the US.

 A: We do not divulge that information due to the privacy of our customers. If someone would like further info on this, they would need to contact their rep. Their rep would be able to guide them as to what others in their area have already purchased and what they are selling as to not over-stimulate the area with the same products.

A: Yes. We do dropship for them.

A: The customer is. Please refer them to the IL Crt-61 form.

A: Our customer would need to rectify this issue/loss with the customer they sold or shipped to. We would not get involved.

A: No. They would need to take care if it externally. (Have the complete order shipped to them, at that point they can separate and send it on.)

A: 1-3 days. Please have them refer to the map on the back of their catalog for shipping info.

A: Dropship agreement/contract, credit sheet for possible terms, credit card form, and the Crt-61 form.

Tier 1: The customer is charged for the cost of the product as well as the cost of shipping.

Tier 2: The cost of shipping is included in the product cost and the customer is charged one set price for the item.

A: Typically, 1 day.

A: No, orders do not have to be placed on the website. Orders may be phoned in or emailed. Please try to have the customer order from the website. This is their best bet and the easiest as they can track orders, see what’s shipped, etc.

A: If the customer is credit card, they will be charged when order is processed. If they are on terms, we will email the invoice to the customer and they have 30 days from date of shipment to pay.

A: Yes. An email will be sent to the customer that includes tracking info with their invoice. The order may be tracked from beginning to end on the website as well.

A: No, they can monitor this on Solovue.

A: Yes, This is a great opportunity for the customer to make it their own product and to advertise what they are selling to their audience.

A: The customer can just start with 1 item and go from there!

A: Two ways: By logging into their dropship account on the website; or by requesting a live inventory link from the dropship team.

A: Yes. Please go to melroseintl.com/pictures

A: No. There is not a drop ship fee either. A great tag line would be “Currently we are setting up customers for free on this program!

A: Either by phone, email, rep or website. Website or rep is best!

A: Your Melrose Welcome Letter will have a link to our current assortment. You can also reach out to the dropship team for the most up-to-date assortment and discontinuations.

A: They receive the Intro Letter, Drop Ship Program agreement and all required paperwork that needs to be filled out in order to set up the account.

A: Yes! We encourage you to use any e-commerce solution you are comfortable with.

A: Whichever price the customer chooses. A word of advice though, the customer should not price their drop ship items as they do their in-store items. Inevitably the price will be too high and that may result in low sales.