Melrose International

LeAnn has a close up look at our trending product from Home & Holiday 2022.

Shine and Shimmer Ornaments


Glitzy, Shiny, Rhinestones! The trend is after fabulous sparkle with subdued edges. You will find a soft gold edge on the above example (87077) and also popular like the angel above is the star in the same style. We have a few other featured examples below. #’s(69184, 80157)

Resin Tree sets of 4


Resin Tree sets are a thing! We have multiple sets of trees (4) Like the Product image above. We have them in traditional cedar green, champagne, and some other colored influences you will have to see. Check out the video for a full look. Or visit the virtual show room here. 

Chalet? Lodge? Mountainside Cabin?

A winter vacation is divine and with our collection of winter lodges you can set the scene for your customers. Inspired by the classic chalets of France, Switzerland, and Italy Products #’s 86085, 86084, and 86083.

The A frame is currently the most popular. You can find it in a tree, set it on a table top. Don’t forget they’re lit from the inside to provide a nightly glow!