June 26, 2022

Dallas Top 5: Here’s What’s Hot and Trending

#5- 88373

Bunny (2 Asst) 3.25″H, 3.75″H Resin


#4- 88429

Bird (3 Asst) 4”H Resin


#3- 88611

Triple Vase in Stand 19.75″L x 7″H Iron


#2- 88144

Vase (3 Asst) 5”H Wood

Wood Vases

#1- 88628

Pitcher 14.25”H Terra Cotta


As we finish our week in Dallas here’s a few things to keep in mind…

  • This is only a sampling of our top selling items, specifically only the newest items from this year. We have hundreds of great products!
  • We will update these product trends as we get deeper into the show season and learn more. 
  • These products are not exclusive to one collection or look, so be creative and piece your own look together between collections if you want! All the pieces are there for you to do so.