February 24, 2020

If you’re reading this then you may already know about the amazing things, we have on MelroseIntl.com, but in case you don’t know we have a lot more than just this blog. Here’s the low down on the website with all the resources you may need.

Melrose Pics has moved.

You can download free-to-use images from years past and present! Select a year and collection, or even search by the product number. You can find what you need fast and download all or just the pictures you need! Keyword search is being enhanced for our most popular items, so more is to come from Melrose pictures!


Needing to learn a new skill? Want to become a better decorator? The education section of the website will lead you to many different instructional videos on design standards and on current Melrose offerings. Want to see more then head on over to our YouTube page. You will find videos with great content and instructions with hundreds of thousands of views, not to mention our very own Ken Fetgatter!


The Adama product line has been with Melrose for more than two years, and now has a page with product images for download as well as the catalog with a flipbook, (it’s available for download too) Also did you know Adama is produced in Georgia? Not the country, the State! In other words, it’s designed in Spain, but Made in America.