April 15, 2020

At some point you will be prompted to “boost” one of your Facebook posts. For a small business owner like yourself, this would be considered an offer for paid social promotion or sponsored content. A “boosted” or sponsored post is a simple and effective way to digitally advertise for reaching new audiences on Facebook.

When you boost a post, it’ll show up in your audience’s Facebook News Feed as an ad. You can choose a post that’s already present on your Facebook Page timeline and boost it. If you aren’t interested in boosting an existing Page post, you can create a new post and instead of clicking Publish, click Boost.

However, it’s critical to identify messaging, expectations, length of advertisement, budget allocation and the desired outcome you’re seeking to achieve with a boosted post. If you don’t have specific goals in mind, start by brainstorming business goals and then look to see how Facebook advertising might help you reach them. Here’s a few example business’ goals for you to consider:


Selecting products that will appeal to your audience should be easy. Writing of audience…how well do you know them? Have you spent time pouring over sales data as well as their timing? Remember to take into consideration what inventory you have currently. Intimate knowledge these aspects will serve you well as you begin to select products and move forward with social selling.

Being a customer of Melrose International does have its perks. With each release of our catalogs (Home & Garden, Home & Holiday, and supplemental), Melrose identifies in demand, top sellers based on a myriad of factors. To reap the bounty from the work already done by Melrose, simply:

  • You’re looking to try digital advertising for the first time
  • You want to drive engagement on your Facebook posts/page
  • You want more people to visit your website to drive online sales
  • You’re growing your online presence and want to extend your reach further
  • Facebook boosts/advertisements align to your business and marketing goals
  • You want to find new customers to future proof your business
  • You want people to book an appointment
  • You want people to attend an event

Facebook advertising should help you meet your business goals, and you should pick the types of ads you want to create based on the goals you’ve identified. So regardless of where you’re at in your digital advertising journey, there are tools on Facebook that can help you get started creating ads, reaching people where they are and understanding the value of communicating with your customers in the digital world.

Below are additional Facebook Marketing Resources for you to review and consider implementing.