The Key to Customer Loyalty: It’s You They’re Buying

The Key to Customer Loyalty: It’s You They’re Buying In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, where products and services abound, there’s a significant factor that often gets overlooked amidst the hustle and bustle of marketing strategies and sales goals. It’s not just your products that your customers are buying; it’s you. Yes, you, the knowledgeable […]

Targeting The Right Customer

Target the right customers | Age of Acquisition As retailers, we often cater to our existing customer base. We buy what we know are current customers will love. Yet each business needs to expand it’s customer base by adding products and styles that appeal to a new face. We can do that by identifying who […]


Fountains: Metal | Ceramic | Resin Fountains offer a visual unlike any other décor because of the cascading water and are a wonderful way to bring another sense into your retail space with sound.  You may find that depending on the material the sound of the drops of water will be different. At Melrose we […]


Triptychs | Insider Review: Transition Items What’s a triptych you ask? A triptych is a work of art (usually a panel painting) that is divided into three sections. This is a hot trend and we brought in some great pieces that LeAnn highlights below! Triptychs…. They’re Hot and Trending Melrose Insider: Transition Items Transition items are […]


Lamps | Collection Highlight: Simple Country Lamps have specific design features from the weight of the base, the heighth of the shade and much more that make certains lamps high quality and trending. LeAnn has a great look at Melrose Lamps, and why they are some of the best.   Lamps: What makes them special? […]