Melrose International

Snow Globes & Infinity Lights

A holiday classic with modern flare

Snow globes can be classic, whimsical, holy and most importantly fun. That is why we see snow globes at the top of our best sellers consistently season after season. You can find them as tractors, food carts, classic globe shapes and even a church. They’re are most creative and fun category of holiday decor.

Most Melrose Snow Globes come with the option of battery powered or USB

Each Snow Globe Features a Timer Function

Tried and True

Each of these Snow Globes has been a top seller for more than one season. It’s preformed well and is loved by consumers and wholesalers alike

New Numbers

New to us in 2022 these are preforming and selling like the staples of the past.

Infinity Lights, Infinite Opportunity

Not the classic item like snow globes our infinity lights still illuminate their settings with a classic feel and a new age style. You can find our Infinity lights as a gnome, snowman or man’s best friend.