August 4, 2023

Taylor Swift Melrose

Introducing a game-changing trend that’s sweeping North America…

Taylor Swift’s ERAS Tour is not just a musical phenomenon, but also a blueprint for elevating your home décor. Let’s delve into the second trend that’s currently making waves and how it can revitalize your living spaces.

Taylor Swift’s journey through her albums presents an opportunity to infuse your home with distinct eras of style. Starting with her youthful self-titled debut in 2006, capture the carefree spirit with fun and light décor that harkens back to those pre-teen years.

Transition to ‘Fearless,’ where individual narratives shine. Embrace whimsical elements that tell your story through unique décor choices. Enter the enchanting ‘Speak Now’ era, where fantasy meets self-expression. Decorate with creativity and let your space speak for itself.


Fearless - Melrose
Melrose - Speak Now
Melrose - Reputation
Melrose - RED
Melrose Folklore
1989 Melrose

Feeling bold? The ‘Red’ era mirrors fiery emotions. Incorporate rich, vibrant hues and daring accents to embody the passion of Taylor’s music. Travel back to the 1950s with a modern twist in ‘1989.’ Black, white, and pops of red and navy create a sophisticated yet nostalgic ambiance.

As Taylor matures, ‘Lover’ introduces warm, inviting spaces that radiate joy and positivity. Mirror personal growth through your décor. The magic doesn’t end there – Taylor’s twin sister albums of Folklore and Evermore fairytale wonder. Embrace lush foliage and natural beauty to create dreamlike interiors.

Midnights album was inspired by the things that kept her up at night, both good and bad.  Its influence is seamlessly tied with rich navy, greens, vibrant lavender.

Ready to embark on this décor journey? Our curated catalogs offer products perfectly aligned with each era. Set up captivating displays or prepare holiday gift guides to offer customers a personalized touch. Incorporate Taylor Swift’s ERAS Tour-inspired trends to transform your home décor. Elevate your space with melodies that resonate beyond music – it’s time to let your décor sing.

Melrose Evermore
Midnight Melrose
Melrose - Lover