April 16, 2020

Sharing is the highest honor for your Facebook post!  It’s what Facebook’s algorithm values most in the world of social media marketing.  It’s rewarded with increased news feed visibility and increased reach potential.  Shares, are what you need to grow a Facebook business page.

Emotion is the number one reason people share something on Facebook.  Some of our strongest emotions are Fear, Hate, and Sex.  Yep, most of those are not appropriate for our business posts! They are very strong emotions, and if you ever find ways incorporate them, you will be shared.  In the meantime, we’ll start with easier emotions.  You will need to be creative in eliciting emotion from your posts that will be strong, and be shared.

Luckily, in the home decor industry we can pull on emotions like Love, Desire, and Envy which are powerful emotions.  When we showcase a beautiful living room with a comfortable brand new couch, an elegant coffee table and a desirable centerpiece we are encouraging envy and love.  We want the viewer to want the decor for themselves.  See, it was easy right?  You are envisioning yourself with a brand new living room right now!

Encouraging Facebook Shares

There was a study recently on what makes people emotional in social media.  Why is it so powerful?  Here’s a link to the report.

New York Times 2020 Report on The Psychology of Content Sharing

We know emotions are why people share things, but what can we do when we’re making posts to ensure we get that SHARE?  We get a YES from one of these three questions:

  1. Is it useful?  Would someone seeing this post think that a friend would also find this post useful?
  2. Does this post entertain in any way?  Would others relate to this post and also find it entertaining?
  3. Does this product inspire you in any way?  Would it inspire others?  Or cause emotion?

If your answer is No.  You need a different photo or video!

Are you stumbling on getting a natural SHARE function on your posts?  If so, we move onto the second way to get shares.  You take matters into your own hands.  You can’t ask people to share outright very often.  However, you should ask them to do it every once in awhile.  Just put “Share” this if you know someone who would Love this new serving tray!  “Tag” a friend who you think would want this XYZ in their bedroom. Your page only grows when you get results, and sometimes you can simply ask for those results.

The absolute easiest way to get a share, is to do it yourself.  Yes, you can share your business page post on your own timeline.  Do it.  You can share your business post in a private message, or on a friend’s timeline.  These shares count.  Get the shares rolling by self sharing.  You can also create other group pages, or business pages that you cross share posts to when you need to create a little online buzz for yourself.

Network with other local businesses that share the same target rich demographic.  Let’s say you live in Smalltown, USA.  In your town, you own Beautiful Shoppe on Main Street.  Also on Main Street there’s 16 other businesses.  Ask the owners to cross share with you.  You’ll share 3 of their posts per week, if they will share 3 of yours.  Bam!  Instant success!  Talk to your vendors, ask them to share your posts on their timeline.  Shares are the best way to increase the importance of your post with Facebook’s algorithm. Don’t forget to ask employees, vendors, and local business associations to share your posts frequently. Anyone you make payments to, has a vested interest in supporting your business!

These social media hacks are designed to assist you in growing your media presence.  Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.