Solovue can give you full access to your Melrose orders.  This access can let you know  your exact ETA for products you have on order.  You can make easy additions or changes to existing orders.  You will also have full access to check on updates frequently.  Customers often want to recheck products supply and anticipated arrivals. You can even check multiple times per day!

Let’s explore how to use Solovue with Melrose International.

1) Log In.  Your first step is to log into your account.

2) Confirm Order Status and See your ETA.

3) Start a New Order.

4) Add To An Existing Order.

5) How to Place Two orders.


6) Verify. You will need to verify a few things before submitting new orders.  Many customers have given us feedback on this checklist and know that it has saved them time and money.  The last thing you want to do is forget to select your shipping number, pay too much for shipping, or to send products to the wrong location. Let’s review our checklist:

  1. Verify total is $500 to save on shipping.  If you’re at $475, this would be a good time do a little extra shopping and pick out a few more products!
  2. Double check ship to is correct.  Sometimes we ship directly to the address listed on your account, and you would prefer it shipped to your secondary location.  Take a moment to be sure we are headed to the right location.
  3. Call customer service with credit card number at 800-282-2144, we may not have it!  If it’s been awhile since you’ve made a purchase, the credit card may not be current. You may not want your order held up.
  4. Call or Email for credit application if they want terms instead of paying with card.  We would love to set you up on a credit account.
  5. Give your account number if you intend to use your FedEx/UPS shipping instead of our Melrose shipping account.

That’s it!  You can now Rule with Solovue!