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Social Media Marketing Video Series

Our 4-Part Social Media Video Series provides you with creative and engaging content to help you build your brand’s visibility and popularity. Unlock the potential of your home and holiday decor business with Melrose International! 
The series offers various tips, tricks, and insights to help you boost your engagement with customers. With its effective storytelling techniques, it’s sure to evoke emotion that will make viewers connect more deeply with your brand.
Stay relevant in the market while reaching your marketing revenue goals with our 4-Part Social Media Video Series. Get ready to experience a positive impact on customer loyalty & retention!

– PART 1 –

A Roadmap for
Social Media Success

During the show season, many customers ask some fantastic questions about how to schedule, create, and how to make time for social media. It changes so rapidly, that’s why we put together a 4-Part Series on how to handle your social media this year that includes shortcuts and hacks.

– PART 3 –

Get Excited About
Creating Reels

Instagram and Tik Tok both have incredible advances in the tech and creation of short entertaining videos.  Use of templates make it easy to create and post. Especially if you have a few shortcuts and hacks LeAnn shares with you. 

– PART 2 –

Simple Tips, Age of Acquisition and
Area of Direct Influence

Understanding exactly what is Age of Acquisitions.  As you look to expand your new and existing customer base as well as loyalty. Social Media offers you low cost ways to reach 1000’s of potential customers with every post. Learn how to maximize your business’ Area of Direct Influence (ADI) to help reach its full potential. 

– PART 4 –

Optimize Your Social Media
Engagement and Reach

By planning ahead, and using tools , plus various techniques, such as analyzing data, identifying the best times to post, using hashtags and keywords, and engaging with your audience, you can improve your engagement, reach and relevance on social media. 

Thank you for watching! We hope you enjoyed the video series. We look forward to bringing you more great content in the future.