Lamps | Collection Highlight: Simple Country Lamps have specific design features from the weight of the base, the heighth of the shade and much more that make certains lamps high quality and trending. LeAnn has a great look at Melrose Lamps, and why they are some of the best.   Lamps: What makes them special? […]

Pears & Apples

Apples & Pears | Collection Highlight: Dwelling The Apple and The Pear. Why it’s trending! Often featured in renaissance paintings. Often have religious implications. Pears mean divine sustenance, abundance and longevity and Apples symbolize peace, fertility, and immortality. Apples & Pears: A Hot Trend Collection Highlight: Dwelling The 2023 Home & Garden Virtual Showroom is […]

Laser Cut

Laser Focus | Laser Cut Designs Laser cut designs are used in many of our most trendy items. But the number one way to use them is with our #1 bestselling item…. Fia flame candles.  Checkout the multitude of laser cut lanterns and candle holders we have brought in to capitalize on the beauty of […]

Art Deco & Modern Invitation

Art Deco | A Modern Invitation Art Deco is highlighted in many pieces throughout the six 2023 Home and Garden collections at Melrose International. (Designed Room in lobby at Atlanta Market by Melrose International, featuring wall art with clean lines) Art deco style influenced pieces can be seen most prominently in the Modern Invitation collection. […]