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Browse & Shop: 2023 Home & Holiday Collections

All Is Calm

Discover a collection of iconic elements like deer, stars, trees, birds, and native motifs. Textured fabrics adorned with subtle prints or tufted embroidery add depth. The presence of aged wood and rattan grounds the aesthetic. All is Calm seamlessly complements various neutral interiors, resonating with hearts. Experience a tranquil ambiance, evoking the true meaning of Christmas in our everyday lives.


Inject vibrant color into your holiday décor with our captivating selection. This look is driven by a kaleidoscope of hues, including periwinkle, lavender, and purple, exuding a sense of luxury. The addition of metallic silver and tarnished silver accents adds a touch of glamour. Explore a range of textures, from matte to shiny, clear to iridescent. Our faceted ornaments reflect light beautifully with iridescent finishes. Glass takes the spotlight, with textured, mosaic, and stained glass-inspired designs, creating a visually stunning ornament collection.

Cardinal Christmas

Experience the delight of encountering a vibrant red cardinal on a winter day, dressed in its glorious coat that spreads cheer. Amidst frost-covered branches and evergreen boughs, woodland creatures and birds frolic, seeking shelter from the wintry weather. Join us in celebrating the enchanting charm of nature’s animals and the folklore of gnomes in Cardinal Christmas. Starting with the captivating cardinal itself, its layers of vivid red feathers make it a standout among the winter woodland birds.

Christmas Memories

Christmas traditions are woven from cherished memories, like gathering with family to adorn the tree or unwrapping treasured decorations for the mantle. The kitchen fills with the aroma of freshly baked cookies, while carols resonate in the background, announcing the arrival of Christmas. Grandma’s irresistible Christmas cookies always tempt us during this festive season, adding to the holiday spirit and joyous moments shared with loved ones.

Christmas Tide

Welcome to Christmas Tide, where a distinct color scheme and vibe await. Embrace a tranquil and relaxed ambiance, courtesy of soft colors inspired by nature. The harmony is driven by the hues of sea glass, offering a soothing palette. Picture the gentle embrace of soft sky blue, serene sage green, creamy white, and ivory, all complemented by the faded natural shades of sea grass. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Christmas Tide’s unique color palette, evoking a sense of peace and calm.

Country Christmas

Experience the inviting warmth and coziness of a country Christmas. Whether in a rural or urban setting, this down-to-earth style has become popular. This season’s Country Christmas embraces a new level of sophistication. Notice the elevated fabrics, containers, decorations, and botanical elements. Wooden cheese and pantry boxes beautifully contrast with red metal canisters and vases. The essence of the country is captured in captivating photos that depict the charm and allure of a Country Christmas celebration.

Crimson Dór

Immerse yourself in Crimson Dór, where richness and elegance abound. Embrace the deep, luxurious burgundy hues that intertwine with sumptuous fabrics, enhanced by golden accents. This opulent and traditional style with wreaths and garlands brim with abundant ornaments and gracefully draped ribbon. Fabrics and ribbons exude luxury, while adding a touch of grandeur. Delight in ornaments shaped as finials, onions, and rounds, adorned with jewel-like stones or sculpted reliefs. Experience the sophistication and beauty of Crimson Dór.

Fall Harvest

Embark on a journey through our expanded showrooms, where the allure of Fall & Harvest selections awaits. In response to retailers’ desires for an extended seasonal range, we have meticulously curated a collection that grants prolonged sell-through dates. Moreover, we have refined our shipping process, ensuring early delivery of Fall orders while seamlessly integrating them with your Holiday order, accompanied by our exclusive dating program benefits. We present a plethora of exquisite new items, adorned with captivating color schemes for discerning retailers.


Immerse yourself in the elegance of a soft and neutral palette, embracing timeless sophistication that complements your home beautifully. Discover how understated colors and worldly attributes adorn transitional and traditional homes, offering a delightful way to infuse refinement. Noel colors emerge in shades of white, cream, and chalky gray, accentuated by metallic finishes such as satin gold, aged silver, zinc, and antique gold. Let candlelight add warmth and a gentle glow to your winter holiday decor, to experience the serenity of Noel.

One Horse Sleigh

Immerse yourself in the enchanting experience of a horse-drawn sleigh gracefully gliding through pristine snow. This captivating collection embraces the nostalgic allure and cherished memories it evokes. Let the traditional holiday colors of fresh greens and brilliant reds, beautifully crafted in glass, metal, and acrylic, breathes life into this collection. Discover the timeless charm of this evocative holiday theme through exquisite ornaments, elegant tableware, and captivating wall art. Relish in the joy of reconnecting with the spirit of the season.

Peppermint Party

Step into the world of Peppermint Party, where this festive celebration captures the essence of Christmas, adorned with vibrant red and white peppermint decor. The atmosphere is whimsical and animated, creating a sense of joy and merriment. Delight in tree-shaped candy ornaments adorning the Christmas tree and tabletop. Snowmen and Santa, dressed in peppermint apparel, eagerly share candy with all who visit. Immerse yourself in this delightful holiday experience, where the spirit of fun and sweetness come together in perfect harmony.

Ski Patrol

Introducing Ski Patrol, a collection that celebrates the beauty of winter weather and the exhilarating activities it brings. Lose yourself in a vibrant color palette of red, white, green, blue, and brown, reflecting the joyful spirit of cherished winter traditions. From skiing and snowboarding to sledding and snowmobiling, our curated products cater to winter enthusiasts. Experience the cozy ambiance of a handcrafted wooden ski chalet, emanating a warm light that invites you to savor a cup of steaming hot chocolate. Ski Patrol captures the spirit of wintertime fun and offers you a delightful product selection.

Snowflakes Glisten

Experience the enchantment of Snowflakes Glisten, where tranquility reigns supreme. Imagine the mesmerizing sight of a sky adorned with delicate snowflakes, casting a blanket of snow on slumbering gardens, imbuing a softness that transforms colors and textures. Trees become frost-kissed as water transforms into glistening ice. Mother Nature hushes the world, creating a serene ambiance. It’s this serene beauty that inspires us to bring the essence of Snowflakes Glisten indoors, adorning our holiday decor with a touch of tranquility.


Introducing a rich and seasonal collection, adorned with captivating colors. Revel in the vibrant hues of red, emerald green, teal, orange, blue, and deep purple, complemented by exquisite metallic accents of antique gold and forged iron black. Celebrate with meticulously crafted icons, including Santa, adorned with intricate details. Delight in deer and sleds adorned with holiday trim. A Colonial soldier in dashing uniform carry his drum, while old-world angels in flowing gowns grace this collection. The forged metal elements infuse lanterns, candlesticks, and trays with a timeless and vintage allure.

Winter Woods

Nature’s timeless beauty inspires Christmas décor. Move beyond traditional red and green, and explore a color palette that captures the spirit of the season. Winter Woods offers a curated, contemporary look for holiday trimmings—casual, modern, and refined. These elements work not only for Christmas but also transcend the season. The muted blues reflect winter skies, while wood, bare branches, and landscapes ground the design with natural color tones.