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Cottage Garden

It’s a place to leave the chatter of the world behind. The garden is a sanctuary like no other. For the gardener, it’s a place to be productive, express creativity, and celebrate life.


Welcome home. Japandi (Ja-pan-DEE) is the intersection of Scandinavian and modern Japanese interior design styles. Both are rooted in minimalist design principles, with a focus on warmth, natural elements, and muted color palettes. This traditional collection is inspiring. Our home focuses on clean simple lines, with modern functionality.

Flora & Fauna

A collection of modern spirited accents that ignite a smile and elicit feelings of joy and amusement. So, be prepared to make a double take!  Yes, you did just see a blue pig, and yes, that’s a bright red squirrel.  This is an assemblage of highly spirited accents that bring a smile to your face.  You’ll see customers walking among these new products tilting their heads back and giving a snicker.  It’s jovial.  It’s fun.  It’s Modern.

Modern Invitation

The influence is a refined mid-century design. It’s a hybrid aesthetic, with a subtle colors and styles. You’ll easily recognize top trending hairpin and peg legs in our shapes, yet you’ll find the exuberant colors from mid-century have been toned down in this collection. Enjoy lighter, and more space to move with your Modern Invitation.

Simple Country

While farm style, is definitely not a new trend, it has evolved from its roots into something else. We no longer focus on the “Look” of the farm, but on the “Feeling” of what it is to surround with Simple Country.


The edge of the water is where we discover neutral and natural elements. You can be beside the river, the lake or the sea, and feel the calming of the water. Exhale slowly and allow yourself to slip away from your daily woes. The soft blue of the sky, the mixed creams of the sand, and a compilation of greens and grays of the botanicals along the shore complete this collection.