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[minti_iconbox icon=”” style=”10″ title=”33 years of dedication, experience, and commitment.”]From our Midwest beginnings as a pioneer producer of dried flowers to a national wholesaler of silk florals, giftware, holiday, home decor and more, Melrose has continued to provide our customers with the same high quality products and customer service that brings them back season after season.

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[minti_iconbox icon=”” style=”10″ title=”An eclectic mix of timeless and modern design.”]The Melrose Mission is to provide customers with superior service, quality products, expert design and outstanding value. We believe that by achieving these goals, Melrose International can enhance the potential for the success of our customers, representatives and employees.

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[minti_testimonialslider testimonial_1=”Absolutely love the everyday home decor products! The lighting, furniture, lanterns and accessories are all right on trend. Christmas is always a hit with our customers and we look forward every year to what’s new!” author_1=”Cathy Scholin/Cathy & Co., Inc.” testimonial_2=”Melrose offers a great quality product of home decor, garden, and holiday products…it’s an extremely broad line and can fulfill most all your needs.” author_2=”Greg Smith” testimonial_3=”There are lots of favorites I enjoy about Melrose products. I have watched this product line change from 5 dried products to today’s extensive home decor, floral line. Each season gets more and more exciting…” author_3=”Mary Creasey Brookhart” testimonial_4=”I love it all! Christmas is always a blast with fun and exciting new products each year. At the same time it is also beautiful and elegant. We have the market cornered on Lanterns and Candles. Not many can compare to the extensive selection available at Melrose. The everyday (spring) items are always a big surprise. Picking my favorites is a real chore for me, because I love them all.” author_4=”Myra Woodward”]
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