Introducing the latest in textured pillar and taper candles from Melrose International. Uncover the seamless fusion of elegance and innovation with FIA WICK Flameless Candles, now offered in a diverse range of exquisite colors. Relish in the authentic, lifelike flicker reminiscent of real candles, a testament to their enduring craftsmanship. Delve into our assortment, featuring exquisite beeswax taper candles, and relish the convenience of timer options and enduring longevity that ensures up to three months of radiant illumination on a single battery set. Illuminate your space confidently with FIA WICK candles, available in a captivating array of colors and styles.

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Enduring Flameless Candles

FIA WICK Flameless Candles, powered by 2 C batteries, offer an impressive 150 hours of burn time. With 4 and 8-hour timer options, they can last up to three months on a single battery set.

Realistic Black WIck

FIA WICK Flameless Candles closely emulate the authentic experience of real candles, faithfully reproducing their three-dimensional shape, lifelike color, and the gentle flicker of a genuine flame.

Stunningly Realistic The Simplux Difference

Simplux Flameless Candles are stunningly realistic and our patented TRUE-FLAME Technology® makes them virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

The three-dimensional flame will never burn out, always remains cool to the touch, and is safe around the home, children, and pets. Those qualities make the Simplux candle perfect for weddings, events, and everyday use.

Our Simplux range includes classic wax drip candles in simple colors such as ivory, white, and red, contemporary mosaic glass designs and seasonal candles fit for any festive occasion

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True-Flame Technology®

Our patented TRUE-FLAME Technology® makes Simplux Flameless Candles virtually indistinguishable from the real thing – accurately replicating the three-dimensional shape, color, and flicker of a real flame.

The Long Lasting Flameless Candle

Simplux Flameless Candles use 2 C batteries that provide up to 150 hours of burn time. Long battery life combined with our 2, 4, 6, and 8-hour timer options mean your Simplux Flameless Candles can last for up to three months on one set of batteries.