[edgtf_accordion style=”toggle”][edgtf_accordion_tab title=”How do I become a Melrose customer?”]

Our registration form is available here. Once your registration has been submitted, you will receive temporary access to our website for three days. You must submit a copy of your resale certificate and an Illinois CRT-61 form before you can place an order or receive full website access.

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Along with your resale certificate, the state of Illinois requires us to keep your Illinois CRT form on file. Please reach out to our customer support team ( for assistance or you can download an up-to-date PDF copy of the Illinois CRT form here.

[/edgtf_accordion_tab][edgtf_accordion_tab title=”I am not a business owner, but would like to purchase from Melrose. Is that possible?”]

Unfortunately, no. Because we are a wholesale company, we do not sell directly to the general public.

[/edgtf_accordion_tab][edgtf_accordion_tab title=”Do you offer dropshipping options for customers?”]

Yes we do! Please visit our Contact Us to direct any inquires to our eCommerce department.



[edgtf_accordion style=”toggle”][edgtf_accordion_tab title=”What are the different price levels?”]

The three different price levels are Good, Better and Best. Please contact your local rep for more in-depth information on our price levels and loyalty discount breaks.

[/edgtf_accordion_tab][edgtf_accordion_tab title=”How is the loyalty discount figured?”]

Each opening order amount is the total you will pay after the discount. For example, to get to the “Best” discount, you need to place an order at or over the “Best” price level break amount, figured by using the “Best” price level. If you fall short of hitting that discount, the item prices will be adjusted on the correct discount level and your total will be recalculated. Melrose reps are well versed in explaining the discount further and are a wealth of knowledge.



[edgtf_accordion style=”toggle”][edgtf_accordion_tab title=”What is your general return policy?”]

Melrose International, LLC offers a standard thirty (30) day return policy. Any request for replacement parts, return, exchanges, or refund must be received within thirty (30) days from date of shipment. If any of the aforementioned request are not received within the allotted time frame we will not be able to process or authorize the request. All request must be initiated by the Merchant. If a request for refund is made for less that the entirety of an item was purchased as a set/assortment the refund dollar amount will be based on the following percentage scale.

Set of 2: 60% of cost for the large sized piece, 40% of the cost for the small sized piece
Set of 3: 50% of cost for the large sized piece, 30% of cost for the medium sized piece, 20% of cost for the small sized piece
Set of 4 or more: Percentage will be divided evenly by the number of pieces in the set/assortment

[/edgtf_accordion_tab][edgtf_accordion_tab title=”An item I received is broken; how can I file a claim for replacement?”]

If you need a replacement for a damaged item, please complete the Melrose Claim Form-102918, then call Melrose at 1-800-282-2144 or email for assistance.