Increase Sales: Part 2

LeAnn covers ways to increase profit margin and some final creative ways to partner with area businesses to get the job done. Remember the 3 ways to increase sales. Bring in new customers Cultivate current customers Increase profit margin  

Increase Sales: Part One

In part one LeAnn goes over a 2 of the 3 ways to increase sales in your retail space in 2020  

Road to Recovery: Part Two

Today we cover Road to Recovery video part two. We talk about “asking for the sale” and current home shopping trends. Enjoy! To see part one go here  

Road to Recovery: Part One

For today we have a quick video or rather part one of our “Road to Recovery” series. It goes over our survey results of what some of our customers are going through. As we start looking at advancing past the few stumbling blocks of selling online for the first time. Arguably the most important part […]

Growing Facebook-Inviting and Encouraging Shares

Sharing is the highest honor for your Facebook post!  It’s what Facebook’s algorithm values most in the world of social media marketing.  It’s rewarded with increased news feed visibility and increased reach potential.  Shares, are what you need to grow a Facebook business page. Emotion is the number one reason people share something on Facebook.  […]