Pine Hills Collection

The Pine Hills collection promotes wood and metal finishes, plus crystal and mercury ornaments, frosty branches accented by berries, foliage, trees, deer, stars and santas.

Urban Homestead

The Urban Homestead collection promotes barnyard animals and crock canisters, plus black and white traditional prints accented by wooden bead embellishments.


The Snowbirds collection promotes snowbirds and snowmen, plus planes, wagons, sleds and cars accented by metal containers, light-up snow globes and accessories.

Royal Christmas

The Royal Christmas collection promotes santas, trees and deer, through jeweled ornaments and snowflakes, plus toile patterned containers and fabrics accented by shades of red to burgundy plum.

Hometown Holiday

The Hometown Holiday collection promotes playful winter novelties through street signs and houses, plus shadow box ornaments accented by santas, snowmen and friends.

Star of Wonder

The Star of Wonder collection promotes crafted wooden ornaments through casual pine forest, plus copper and versailles finish accented by birds, deer, angels and nativities.

Winter Living

The Winter Living collection promotes plaid ornaments through natural botanicals and branches plus hues of blues and greens accented by crochet decor.

Winter Sleigh Ride

The Winter Sleigh Ride collection promotes sleighs and sleds through snowshoes and skis, plus plaid and snowflake patterns accented by cozy woodland lodge.

Peace On Earth

The Peace On Earth collection promotes starburst ornaments through metal trees, plus tiffany and champagne sparkle accented by sculpted deer and angels.


The Wintergreen collection promotes formal forest setting through faux pewter deer and santas, plus mercury glass trees accented by ice crystal florals and ornaments.

Excelsis Deo

The Excelsis Deo collection promotes antique gold decor through nativities in french provincial style plus metal wreath and garland accented by angels, bells, crosses and jewels.