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Your Free Spotify Summer Playlist!

The music of summer is available now on our free Spotify summer playlist featuring favorites from our employees!Melrose Radio Spotify playlistMusic is a huge influence in the way customers shop any store. It can be a tricky balance between getting your customers in a shopping mood to pushing them out the door with loud music. Here at Melrose we’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you! We’ve created Melrose Radio – a Spotify station with playlists retailers can use in their retail stores…or just for fun!

Spotify is a free service (you can’t beat that) and with an account you can access  the Melrose Radio playlists below. Just for summer we’ve created a fun playlist full of Melrose employee’s favorite summer songs!

The Stations

 – Employee Summer Playlist (NEW!) – This playlist is full of Melrose employee’s favorite summer jams. Everything from Justin Timberlake to Sheryl Crow… you’ll definitely want to take a listen!

 – Melrose 80’s and 90’s Radio – A perfect blend of hits from before Y2K that will inspire Millennials and have Gen Xers feeling nostalgic.

 – Melrose Radio (Showroom radio) – If you visited us at the shows you probably heard these tunes in our showroom. Shopping. Music. Perfection.

 – Melrose Holiday Radio – We might be listening to this one right now, but you should save it until at least October 😉

Remember to click ‘Follow’ on each station to get updates and all the latest songs! Have fun with Spotify and create your own Playlists, follow your favorite musicians, businesses and friends. For more information on how to sign up for a Spotify account check out our Spotify 101 blog. 

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