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Window Shopping During Paris Fashion Week!

We were lucky enough to have a colleague head to Paris during fashion week…here’s the latest!window desplays blog-01 (1)

Paris Fashion Week is in full swing and we’re getting window shopping updates from a Melrose colleague lucky enough to be there for the fun. What are we seeing in Paris right now? Unexpected images, use of stickers on windows and even NO windows!

Window Stickers
We keep finding examples of window stickers that draw attention to an item – as in the polaroid example below. We also found some window stickers that unexpectedly interacted with real-life elements. Case in point, we especially like the feather stickers that appear to be blown away by the real-life fan. This was an eye-catching element of a high fashion window for a menswear company touting their fall line.window 1

window 2

No Windows
Sometimes the best way to show off your goods is to remove the barrier altogether. Many stores in Paris are taking this to heart and installing garage style, or folding, doors in place of windows. These are meant to be open year-round to draw shoppers in. This could be an option if you’re located in a temperate climate with plenty of foot traffic.Window 3

The Unexpected
A shoe full of chocolate? A winged wolf in a designer necklace? Paris holds no shortages of unexpected sights. What makes these images memorable is the juxtaposition of elements that would not naturally be found together. Thinking about your shop this can open the door for new props and arrangements that bring together your product in new ways.Window 4

window 6

Paris during fashion week – and any other time of year – is full of unexpected imagery designed to draw shoppers in. From that red heel that pops so nicely against the lush brown chocolates to the blond mannequin sitting on a lit glass table (below!), much inspiration can be drawn from window shopping in Paris.

Window 5


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