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Why LinkedIn for Your Business

How LinkedIn can profit your retail gift shop.

LinkedIn for small businesses and gift shop retailersWhen you read the title of this blog you might have thought – but my customers aren’t looking for me on LinkedIn. And that is very likely true. But what you may not have considered is that LinkedIn can be profitable to your store in other ways, from recruiting to networking to corporate growth.

Recruiting with LinkedIn
Use your company LinkedIn page to help recruit candidates for your shop. We invite you to think beyond in-store support, like cashiers, and consider hiring a part time decorator or lighting expert through LinkedIn. If you’re feeling really aggressive you can even advertise for your post, targeting people with profiles in your area with the expertise you seek.

Networking on LinkedIn
Use your personal profile to network on LinkedIn. Aside from connecting to people you know, you can also join groups to connect with people in your industry or other small business owners. A few group recommendations are below.

Mastermind Group for Small Businesses The mastermind group was created to discuss challenges and solutions for the small business owner.

Small Business Owners Group Share your experiences, expertise, thoughts, ideas, strategies, and help others in this group.

Small Business Forum | The Group for Small Business Professionals Small Biz Forum is a place for the small business community to share resources and help each other improve their businesses.

Corporate Growth
While on your personal page look up your local Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau and any other state or local groups that could be beneficial to your business. Join them and see what is happening on LinkedIn and through their sites. If they offer it, connect your company page to their page. Either way, the goal here is to become active in your community and be known as a business owner. This can lead to civic opportunities, local media interviews and a place to turn for community advice.

LinkedIn is more than just a place to search for jobs. It’s also a place for small business owners to connect with each other and their communities. Are you on LinkedIn? We’d love to hear about your success in the comments below!

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