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When Less is More and Other Display Secrets

When you’re making a display over-cluttering can be a big no-no. Find out more.

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After the success of the Color Theory Blog with Ken Fetgatter, AFID, the lead Melrose Designer, we are following up with a display secrets post. Learn how to tell a story with a display and sell more with themed merchandising. And of course, discover how “less is more” fits in retail.

“Sometimes” Ken starts out, “retailers place products without telling a story.” That happens when you have a collection of items that aren’t related in any obvious way. They aren’t used in a similar way (all items are candles) or have a color in common (blue and white). When this happens displays tend to lack interest and don’t draw shoppers in.

The graham cracker story
What Ken will tell you is that it is always nice to group related and complimentary items together. For example, Ken says, “I was just in a grocery store and they had graham crackers on sale. No big deal. BUT the graham cracker display also had Hershey bars and marshmallows.”

“Suddenly,” he said, “there was a story.”

“The display gave me something to do with the items. It brought back childhood memories of making s’mores.”

“And the Kicker?” Ken finished, “The kicker is that the chocolate and marshmallows were not on sale, just the graham crackers but I had the impulse to buy everything.”

How can this come to life in your store?
If you have a gardening store and you have rose bushes on sale, put some gloves and gardening shears with them. If you sell candles and your pretty matchbooks are on sale, group them together in a color complimenting display.

Help tell a story for the shopper and show them how to use the item in their home. “But,” Ken cautions, “don’t over complicate it.” If you offer too many choices the consumer gets lost. The best plan, Ken says, is to “limit yourself to 3-5 complimentary items”.

Ken adds that “A lot of retailers think ‘the more options the better’ But it’s really not. Too many options dilute your sales.”

How do you use visual stories to capture interest in your store? How many item types do you like to put on a display? Share your story with us in the comments below!





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