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What’s In It For You: Market Report!

Attending market can be a big commitment for a retailer, so why go?reasons-to-attend-market-01Holiday rush has started and before we know it the January Gift Markets will be here. That means now is the time to choose your market and book your travel (after all, we want you to get in on the hotel deals!).

See it IRL (in real life)
Shopping from a catalogue is a time tested approach to retailing but sometimes seeing products at the shows can be irreplaceable. Just how big is that candle holder and what does it really look like with the wreath you are thinking of pairing it with? At market you can spend time with your rep walking through the products, touching them, to get a firm sense of what items will best suite your store.

Make Friends
Let’s be honest, the gift shows are not all work and no play. There are plenty of moments (lunch, happy hour, educational programming) for you to meet another shop owner or expert that can become a source of new ideas and inspiration. In fact, we see that our most successful retailers have retailer friends in other states that they regularly reach out to for advice, encouragement or just a good old chat (because who understands your ups and downs better than someone in the same business?!). And many of those friendships are forged at market.

Get Done With It
When all the products and resources you need for your store are in one place, it’s hard NOT to get your year off to a good start. The advantage of market is that, instead of pouring over catalogs for weeks on end, you can shop for your entire store in a few days. This lets you order the bulk of your product in one fell swoop (and get great terms and dating to boot!). Of course, no one should go to market without some idea of the products they want. Take a gander at our Holiday catalog, and those of your other favorite vendors, before you go!

Now that you know WHY to go, let’s talk about WHEN!

Winter 2017 Show Dates 
Atlanta             Jan 10-17
Find Melrose at: AmericasMart, Bldg 1, 17-C-11 and Southern Link, Bldg 2, 1613

Dallas              Jan 18-24
Find Melrose at: World Trade Center, Showroom 310

Las Vegas        Jan 22-26
Find Melrose at: World Market Center, Showroom C-932

Minneapolis      Jan 29-Feb2
Find Melrose at: TYSA Direct, Showroom RED245

How to get an appointment with your rep, and why you should:
The sales reps for your top manufacturers are there to help guide your product selection. They understand your store and market and can help you put together the right product mix for a more successful store. To find YOUR Melrose rep, and make a market appointment visit our Showroom page.

We’d love to hear from you as well! What shows are you going to and why? What are the special events at market that make it more fun? And what about reps, who is your favorite and why?

Melrose International is an industry leader in wholesale home décor, giftware, and seasonal items. Providing outstanding products, service, design, and value since 1985!

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