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What’s HOT at Market

The Melrose team reports back on what’s hot at market for 2015!Hot home and gift product of 2015Hot home and gift product of 2015

After the whirlwind of the Atlanta and Dallas markets, our Melrose team members are reporting back on the top trends they’ve seen so far. Right off the gate we’re seeing Gold as a trending color. Chalkboard continues to gain in popularity. Cardinals are a surprise hit in traditional and new, more realistic LED candles are outpacing the older “flat” LED style from years past. Read on for a recap of each, to find out what you need to know!

Gold is Back!
Our trend expert told us that Gold would be back this year, so we took the risk and went big! We featured Golden Glamour in our front entrance in Atlanta, and many of our top sellers came out of that collection. “The golden snowflake LED globes [from the Golden Glamour collection] were one of the top sellers, and with a built-in timer and good price point, nearly every customer I worked with at the show purchased them!” Brianne, Melrose Marketing

Chalkboard is here to stay!
After hearing from buyers clamoring for more chalkboard last year, Melrose is trying it out for the first time this year.  Our chalkboard collection, Chalked, is chock full of Melrose Top Sellers. With the addition of Melrose exclusive ornaments and signs, our customer service agent Debbie Vogel said it best “Our chalkboard look was a GREAT seller”.

Melrose rep, Trevor  Bey added that “the most popular chalkboard items were the sleighs and signs. These items could be used in a traditional setting as well as whimsical. Being able to customize your Christmas goes a long way.”

Cardinals are the new traditional!
Our Cardinal collection is a fast seller every year but this year at market the Snowy Cardinal has been the #1 selling collection! And rightly so. Snow dusted branched and florals, delicate glass ornaments, and a variety of mixed media cardinals appeal to the masses. Move over green and red Santa, because Cardinals are here to stay. A sentiment echoed by Trevor  who said: “Great props for the Cardinal look, especially the white LED houses accompanied by the large sleeping cardinals and signs.”

LED lights are lighting it up!
The LED lighting trend continues this year at market with many LED products standing out as Top Sellers. Many customers said they like Melrose’s 3D Simplux candle, which simulates the movement of a real flame, over traditional “flat” LED lights. Trevor explained that “We had a great response at this show. In addition to moving flame, we also offer remote control options. Every customer that I showed the votives-with-remote to, loved them!”

 While we love gold, chalkboard, cardinals and LED there were many trends making waves at the shows this year. If you want to learn more about trends from the 2015 Atlanta Market check out John and Jennifer Mumby’s excellent blog. Also check out our Pinterest board featuring the best selling items from our January shows.

 And as always, we want to hear from you! What’s popular in your neck of the woods? What did you discover at market this year? Share your 2015 market report in the comments below. 

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