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What can a POS system do for me?

Today’s guest blogger, Shawn Thompson, is a POS expert and we were lucky enough to get him to share some tips with us on what a good POS system can do for you! 

I need a POS system for my storeI need a POS system for my store

What can a Point of Sale do for me? I get this question a lot. It is usually followed up with “my store is small” or “we don’t need anything that fancy” or “I doubt it would be of benefit to my store”.

But what many retailers don’t realize is how a POS can save time. Or that it can be used to increase customer loyalty and decrease shrinkage. And that, because it’s automated, it can help reduce human errors, and even increase profitability over time!

So yes, a good Point of Sale System can do a lot of great things for your store. But what are the key features you should look for?

I recommend finding a POS that can do the following:

•             Automatically track inventory as you sell and receive items
•             Ring up sales by scanning bar codes
•             Process credit card and debit card transactions in one step
•             Track employee hours and sales commissions
•             Capture “ship-to” addresses for creating mailing lists and labels
•             Recognize your best customers with the a Rewards Program
•             Track special orders and gift registries
•             Generate purchase orders automatically at pre-set inventory levels
•             Transfer sales data to your accounting software
•             Tools to update prices & create discounts across products and departments
•             Import items and customers from a standard spreadsheet.
•             Control access to administrative features by password

A good POS system can help you be the retailer you want to be. It can allow you the opportunity to spend more time in front of your customers. And it can help you understand your business better leading to increased margins and profits.

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