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Using In Store Events to Sell Product!

Planning out your event calendar for the year is a great way to keep your shop energized and pump up sales. Below are some fresh ideas to get you going!

new ideas for great in store events for retailersnew ideas for great in store events for retailers

Most of our retailers are hosting store events—and with much success. Perhaps you host an annual Halloween Witches Ball or your customers look forward to your Holiday party all year. That got us thinking. Why not brush up on store events and see what you can do at other times of the year to increase sales and have a little fun!

Host a party with a fun and unexpected theme from Mardi Gras to Summer Grilling (yes, you can grill apps in your parking lot!) to a special Men’s Night Out shopping event all with custom food and decorations to match. Maybe that’s partnering with your local Cajun restaurant for a cooking demo in store, asking a local outdoor store to bring their best grill and show it off in your parking lot or even hosting the men one night around the holiday’s and sharing pre-packaged gifts for the ladies in their life (complimentary gift wrapping of course!). Whatever you do, make sure your most relevant product is prominently displayed, tagged and ready to go out the door because your guests are going to love it!

Another idea is to host a trunk show! This is so simple that we’re not sure why we don’t see shops doing it more often! To plan, you’ll want to reach out to your sales reps to see who’d like to bring in product as your event’s “host” to feature new merchandise just coming out for the season. Let customers place their special orders with you and then settle up with your rep after the event. Aside from getting lots of new orders this can give you the pulse on what new product is going to be hot with your customers this season!

Make your product the center of your party’s story. Instead of using your normal party serving trays for snacks during your event, try serving up treats on product you sell in your store!  This video shows how you can dress up jeweled mirrors to use as food displays. Create this at an in-store event to serve cheese and crackers and you’ll have you’re customers clambering for the display items! If you need some trays to get you going, check out a few from Melrose here (including the jeweled tray from the video).

From unexpected party themes to trunk shows to simple events where your product is the star, in-store events can be an amazing way to pick up sales, make friends with your customers and bring some excitement into your shop. If you’re planning a store event to brag about, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!

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