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Upscaling Your Store

Just like a little frosting makes the cake, a little styling makes the store.Upscaling Your StoreUpscaling Your Store

Have you been to a bar recently that’s added a little lime to a vodka ginger ale, called it a Moscow Mule, and is suddenly charging an extra $5 for it? We have too. It’s called upscaling—adding those little finishing touches that change our perception of the value of a good or service, so that we are willing to pay more for it. It’s a psychological game that you can win by employing some basic strategies during the shopping experience.

Here are some ideas to get you started on your upscaling adventure…

Before They Enter
Right Now: Shoppers see your store sign. The paint is peeling and the colors are outdated. The paint on the steps is also chipped. (But, the fact that anyone can see the paint means you’ve cleared the snow off the steps, so you’re at least in good shape there!)
Upscale: Repaint your sign and the steps with on-trend colors. You could pick totally new colors or just adjust the colors you have now. For instance if your gift shop colors are dusty rose and gray, try using a brighter pink with the same gray for a fresher look.

During Shopping
Right Now: Shoppers in the gourmet section of your store can buy sauces, oils, dip mixes and fancy chocolates. Currently they bring their selections to the cash register and the gourmet items are bagged like the rest of your merchandise.
Upscale: Get inexpensive baskets and tins so that customers make their own custom gift baskets. Bonus points for offering them add-ons like bows and flowers so they can decorate them too! 

At Checkout
Right Now: When customers pay their items are bagged in plain brown bags or plastic grocery bags. No muss, no fuss.
Upscale: Wrap each item in tissue and pop them in simple bags stamped with your logo. Pick tissue colors that coordinate with your logo colors. Get even fancier by offering shoppers their choice from the two or three tissues colors.

When it comes to upscaling it’s the finishing touches like a sharp entrance, customizable shopping experience and pampered products at check out, that set the tone. This puts your store and your products in the best light for customers, allowing you to charge more and even increase basket ring.

How are you upscaling your store? Are you finding success with finishing touches at the store entrance, during the shopping experience or at checkout? What about upscaling on social media, your website or via ecommerce? We’d love to hear how you’re increasing the value of your brand in the comments below!

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