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Trends Right Now: Retail Design

Taking cues from everything from fashion to mobile phone design, retail is going simple, eco and experiential.

Latest Trends in Retail Design for small storesLatest Trends in Retail Design for small storesWe know you’re always looking for the latest trends in retail design. It’s not about “keeping up with the Joneses” but more about the inspiration you get from up-and-coming styles and new ideas. That’s why we’ve pulled together three of the latest store trends to share with you: simplicity in design, natural fixtures and experiential selling.

Find Your Simple
As our lives grow more complicated, the design world is revolting-with an emphasis on simple. Think of the new look of the iPhone interface, the trend towards crisp websites with clean white backgrounds and even the push in home design towards modern, fresh homes. Why is this working? Because simple design gives consumers a break from those complex lives we talked about before. It’s about resting their eye and even their mind. How can you use this trend in your store? Avoid overcrowding merchandise and make sure your store layout is open and easy to navigate.

Go Eu Natural
Complementing the simplicity in store design we’re seeing many retailers selecting eco-friendly and natural materials for things like store fixtures and displays.  Think organic wood, clear or translucent glass and modern lines that blend together to make the products the star of the show. How can you use this trend in your store? Keep your eye out for fresh clean fixtures, consider painting current display pieces white and simplify your displays by removing unnecessary accents.

Share An Experience
As online shopping becomes easier and more popular, retailers are fighting back by designing their stores as experiences that shoppers can’t get online. You might have noticed your nail salon now carries handbags and hair accessories for you to peruse while your nails dry. Or perhaps you’ve shopped at a grocery store that also has a grill to cook that steak you just bought. Maybe you’ve been to the ultimate grocery experience, Eataly in Chicago or New York City. These retailers are finding success as they make their store an experience and give their customers value over just a manicure or everyday grocery trip. How can you use this trend in your store?  Consider expanding. Create a sitting area and offer Starbucks brewed coffee. Partner with the bakery down the street to sell fresh cookies or even provide customers additional services such as home design.

However you choose to take advantage of new store trends, from simplifying to naturalizing to creating an experience, we’d love to hear about it. Share your retail trend inspiration in the comment section below!

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