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’Tis the Season

Tips for thriving this holiday season.

This time of year we hear so much about “surviving” the holiday season. That’s one way to look at it, but here at Melrose we feel that this time of year really is an opportunity — an opportunity for you (and your store) to shine … and not just survive, but thrive!

Here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks to help you take advantage of all that the holiday season offers retailers.

Be the Hostess With the Mostess — This is a fun one! Not only is a holiday open house an excellent way for you to invite customers into your store, it’s a great time to show off what you have to offer as a retailer: amazing products, great customer service, awesome gift ideas, etc. Make it special with attractive and festive holiday decorations (an area in which Melrose can always help!). Offer fun and delicious treats (and maybe even offer the recipes on takeaway cards as a small gift for your guests). A door prize (or prizes) is always fun, even if it is simply a gift card (just think, it will get those customers back in your store). Oh, and don’t forget the holiday music. We have the perfect playlist for you already on Melrose Radio.

Get Social With Social Media — Keep your friends close and your really good friends … well, share your decorating ideas with them! And what is the best (and quickest) way to share information and pictures of your new products, store resets and special holiday floral arrangements? Social media, of course! We at Melrose love the opportunity to connect with our friends. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, we also have the Melrose Lounge, which features MELTV, ad downloads and instructions for special projects.

Find Out What Your Customers Are Wishing For — Naturally, you provide outstanding customer service. But are you also offering unique gifts? The holidays are an excellent time to fulfill holiday wishes by making sure you have what customers want. Try prepackaged gifts, and offer assistance for men who are buying for their wives. Gifts with a theme are always a hit, like soap and body lotion baskets. How about a wish list? They are a great way for customers to get what they want … and a fun way for you to learn more about your customers.

Offer Them Their Favorite Things — All retailers like happy customers, and one of the ways to make them happy is to offer their favorite things. Christmas is the perfect time for this, because it’s when everyone is thinking about what they like. If you stock favorite items (and those wish lists can help), then you are going to have happy customers, and happy customers come back for more.

Participate in the Season — Nothing says holiday like a sense of community. We think it is important (and fun) to participate in local events like the annual lighting of the town Christmas tree (where you can hand out candy canes) or walking in a parade (where you can give out candy to the kids). Don’t forget to include a little note so your customers will know when and where to find you!

Know What Your Best-Sellers Are — It’s better to give than to receive. So make sure your customers receive their favorites by keeping track of your best-seller list throughout the year. You can check out Melrose’s best-selling items to see what’s popular with our retailers.

You are now fully prepared for the busiest (and the most wonderful) time of the year. And remember, Melrose is always here to help you.

Melrose International is an industry leader in wholesale home décor, giftware, and seasonal items. Providing outstanding products, service, design, and value since 1985!

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