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ThePinterest Trends of 2016!

We’ve got a list of top trends predicted for the coming year for our gift and home retailers!PinterestOver here at Melrose we truly believe that social media is an important tool for our retailers to use to drive business. Which is why, at the close of 2015, we are looking at the upcoming trends of 2016—on Pinterest!

You may remember that we partnered with Suzy Teele, the COO of Snap Retail, to bring you a Pinterest 101, now we’re coming back with a 102 to help you brush up your Pinterest boards and bring more trendy items to your customers! (Also, please take this as inspiration as you prepare to visit the gift shows this January!)

Upcoming Pinterest Trends of 2016
(Thank you Brit+Co for the inspiration!)

1.  Decorating with foliage and birch to celebrate the greens of the seasons

2. Graphic Throw Pillows and geometric light holders are making a comeback

3. Anything metallic—including gilded metallic wallpaper will be hot

4. The vintage trend continues, look for vintage hair broaches and grooming kits

5. This year even adults are getting into coloring

6. Rich details and textures like this art and vase are showing up everywhere

7. Gardening and even preserving herbs will be a popular pastime

8. Everyone wants to have healthy hair

9. Vegan, Paleo and other dietary restrictions are not going anywhere (think gourmet for your store)

10. And finally, Statement sunglasses—enough said!

As you cruise through the pins above, think about how the items and trends, can fit into your store. And of course, keep an eye out at the January show. You never know where the next “it” items will pop up…and happy pinning!

Are you seeing any of these trends in your town? What are your predictions for trends for 2016? We’d love to hear about what you’re seeing so share with us in the comments below!

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