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The Results Are In!

The results of our Annual Blogger Survey are in and you’ll never guess what we found out!

How to create a blog for my retail storeHow to create a blog for my retail store

Recently we shared a Blogging 101 post that offers our retailers a background on how blogging can be beneficial for their company as well as a short guide to start a blog of their own. Of course that got us wondering…how many of our retailers are avid blog readers? What blogs do they read? How many write blogs of their own?

We packaged all of our burning blog questions up into the Annual Blogger Survey and sent it out to our customers. And now, we’re sharing the results with you!

~ Do you read blogs? 76% of our survey responders read blogs, mostly those related to the industry. But—some savvy store owners are reading their competitors blogs which is a great way to keep up with the competition!

~What blogs are you reading? We got a ton of answers about your favorite blogs. Three popular blogs we liked are:

The Store Whisperer A seasoned store owners shares “the love I have for my store and creating a unique experience for my customers.”
Miss Mustard Seed A retailer shares her love of refinishing old furniture with step by step DIY projects and anecdotes.
The Big Brand System A business consultant shares a system for small business owners who want to operate like “big brands”.

~Who is reading the MelSpeak blog? Our readers tend to be female, retail store owners age 45-64

~What are our fans favorite MelSpeak blog topics? Our most popular blogs are on display ideas or those that feature stories from actual customers. Keep your eye out for both in the coming weeks!

~Do you have your own blog? When it comes to blogging themselves, about 20% of our responders have blogs for their store. Of those, most write their own content but some retailers look to their staffers to write blog posts to “keep it fresh”!

From running a store, to buying product, to managing employees we know our readers are busy and successful retailers. We hope that these two posts on blogging will help you to get inspired to begin reading more blogs or even to start a blog of your own. And if you do….we’d’d love to hear about it in the comment section below!

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