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The Golden 7: Shopping Local Just Got Easy!

Shopping local is more than just Small Business Saturday–here are seven ways to promote it all year round. 
Tips for retailers to shop local all year long!Tips for retailers to shop local all year long!
We know shopping local is important. But why? According to TIME magazine shopping local keeps more money in the local community.  “Compared what happens when people buy produce at a supermarket vs. a local farmer’s market…twice the money stays in the community.” That means, TIME explains, “That those purchases are twice as efficient in terms of keeping the local economy alive.”

So, outside of big shop local events like Small Business Saturday, how do you get the shop local word out in your community? Just for you, here are seven must-try ways to share the shop local message. 

1. Tell them why. Shopping local is more than just a feel good message. It’s about keeping more dollars in the community. TIME explains it with this example “Money is like blood. It needs to keep moving around to keep the economy going. When money is [not spent locally], it flows out, like a wound.”

2. Get local-listed. Make sure shoppers can find you by getting your company listed on Google+ Local. 

3. Walk the Walk. First, shop local yourself. Then, consider teaming up with other businesses to start you own shop local campaign.

4. Be obvious. Tag the local products in your store. From jams to hand knit scarves make sure people know that you are a local shop and also carry local merchandise.

5. Be gracious. Whenever you can, however you can, make your customers feel special. As a local shop owner you can connect with them in a way that the big box stores can’t.

6. Do something special. Work with another local merchant to create a giveaway or contest. Include prizes from both of your companies and cross promote to all of your customers. This way you can get more promotion and have extra inspiration from a fresh perspective. And who knows, the local media may want to interview you to find out more about your special program!

7. Show off. Check with your local TV, newspaper and radio stations to see if they have a regular business feature. Suggest a shop local hook for a story that is unique to you. Perhaps it’s some of those local products you sell, decorating tips for summer, or holiday gift giving ideas.

So get out there and tell your customers why they should shop local, work with other local retailers to create promotions and buzz and don’t be afraid to be obvious. Shopping local isn’t just your customer’s helping you be successful. It’s about having a thriving economic base that supports the broader community. And that, is something to be proud of!

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How are you spreading the shop local message at your shop? Are you working with other retailers? Sharing the message on in-store signage or working with local media? We’d love to hear your story in the comments below!

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