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The Christmas Dating Deadline and Why it Matters to You

Melrose shares the importance of dating for retailers. The Christmas Dating Deadline is May 31, 2014. Melrose Christmas Dating Deadline May 31, 2014Melrose Christmas Dating Deadline May 31, 2014

You might recall a blog post last November where we explained that early orders from retailers are the secret behind Melrose’s ability to offer ready-to-ship holiday product and high fill rates throughout the entire year – even right up until Christmas! Here we are, one month before the dating deadline, and we’re sharing why it’s important, now more than ever.

The Christmas Dating Deadline
May 31st, 2014, also known as The Christmas Dating Deadline, is the last day that retailers can purchase holiday product and qualify for deferred billing, but more importantly, guarantee their top Holiday product selections. Ordering by this date allocates the product to you immediately, and also gives Melrose time to order more from the factory if they are running low. Ordering after May 31st means some of your items may no longer be available and result in lower fill rates.

Why is this Year Different?
With more retailers delaying their Holiday orders earlier in the year, or unable to make it to market in January because of the weather, Melrose plans to see a surge of Holiday orders later in the year. Without those orders figured into the forecast, product overflow simply will not be as high as it has been in the past. That’s why this May 31st is the most important deadline of the year for both YOU and Melrose! It ensures you’ll get the product you need!

Placing your Christmas Order is Easy!
To place your Christmas Dating order, you’ll first need to be approved for a line of credit that meets your order amount. If you haven’t already completed a credit application with Melrose, you’ll want to do that right away. It takes 7-10 days to process. Once your credit is approved, you’ll be able to place your holiday order.

Don’t worry if filling out the credit application, or navigating the Christmas Dating Terms sounds confusing. Missy Abernathy, from the Melrose Credit and Accounts Receivable department, is here to help. “My goal is to work with the retailers to help them get the best terms possible—we pride ourselves on customer service!” explained Missy. “Retailers call me every day with questions about credit applications and terms details. I’m always ready to help,” she added.

So, if you need help filling out your credit form, or have other terms questions, call Missy at 800-282-2144. And, for the key facts on Christmas Dating check out the chart below, or click here to see full dating details.

Christmas Dating at a Glance:

~ Order Window: January 1-May 31, 2014.
~ Minimum Order: $2,500, subject to credit approval
~ Payment Schedule: No payments until December 1, 2014 (pay by check or money order to avoid 3% convenience fee)
~ Shipping: Product begins shipping as early as June 1, 2014. No special ship dates
~ What You Can Order: Good on 2014 Home & Holiday orders only, not including sale or special priced merchandise
~ Add Ons: No additional product added to orders after shipment (includes backorders)
~ Details: For complete details, please download the 2014 Christmas Dating Form

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