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The Backroom – An Employee Retention Extraordinaire!

Bet you didn’t know that a quick reorganization of your backroom can help you retain your best employees!the back room blog-01Shut your eyes. What does your backroom look like? Neat as a pin? Overflowing with boxes? We bet you’re probably in the second category which is why we are so excited to share this Gift Shop Mag visual for THE PERFECT Back Room. Take a click over and get a look, then come back and on. We’ll wait!

Now that you’ve seen a schematic for how your backroom can be organized – from everything from two-sided storage to a Merchandising Processing Area (what a fancy way to say “place to unpack boxes”!)—let’s talk about how strategic changes to three key areas can improve employee retention. These are: the Employee Bulletin Board, The Office and the Kitchen.

Communication: Employee Bulletin Board
The good old employee bulletin board, even in the age of social media, it has its place. First, make room for the required items like your state’s hourly wage posting and the no smoking sign. Then layer on any important policy information like the dress code.

Now for the fun stuff. Consider a weekly quote, ask a different employee to post one every week and use it as a way to spotlight their personality. Add pictures from store events or work parties. If a customer sends a card or note, post it here. And finally, consider a calendar with any store holidays posted.

Get Down to Business: The Office
Most likely the office is your domain. Where email is sent and blogs are read. But it is a part of the back room. So, aim to keep this space free of unnecessary clutter. Give yourself a drawer for random items that collect like business cards, notebooks, magazines, etc. and try to keep the desk area clean and clear. Consider also placing a desk organizer with pens, tape, scissors and sticky notes in it for all employees to use in a pinch.

Raid that Kitchen
The kitchen can be more than a place for employees to keep their lunch and to grab some quick coffee. You can also keep the fridge stocked with bottled water for employees and customers and even a few snacks for those days when lunch seems so far away.  Items we like are: single serve nut packs, pretzel nuggets with peanut butter (so much more filling with a little protein) and fresh fruit (you would not believe how a few apples and bananas a week can make an impact on everyone’s healthy eating!).

We hope you’re feeling inspired to tackle your back room and that you consider including some fun areas to inspire and invigorate your staff. Remember, small tokens like a piece of fruit or acknowledgment on a bulletin board, go a long way to help employees feel like a valued team member.

How do you keep your back room organized? Are you thinking about it from your employees’ perspective? Share with us in the comments below!




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