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That’s a Wrap!

Your behind-the-scenes look at our most recent photo shoot, for Home & Garden 2013.

Although no one actually yelled “That’s a wrap!” when we concluded photography for our Home & Garden 2013 catalog, it would have been more than appropriate, given our storied shot locations.

For our most recent photo shoot, for Home & Garden 2013, we were in three picturesque Illinois locations — Winnetka, Lake Forest and Evanston to be exact. Each of these places has been the location for the filming of more than one major Hollywood production over the years. Movies like (take a deep breath here, this is one long list) “Sixteen Candles,” “Nothing in Common,” “Ordinary People,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “Public Enemies,” “Ocean’s Twelve,” “The Breakfast Club,” “Risky Business,” “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” “Home Alone,” “Planes, Trains and Automobiles,” “She’s Having a Baby” and “Uncle Buck” were all filmed here.

We think our newest production — the 2013 Home & Garden collection — is a must-see as well. We have great new additions to our best-selling line of lanterns, beautiful new wind chime and yard stake designs, pillows and wall art to suit every sunroom and patio, and dozens more items that your customers will love. While the 2013 Home & Garden catalog is coming to a mailbox near you this fall, you can view and pre-book the new collection now at

And remember, all of the great shots we got are for you too. We’ll be using them soon to update our retailer ad downloads. Featuring our gorgeous photography and all of our latest and greatest products, these customizable ads are updated each season and can be found (and downloaded for free) here.

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