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Sweeping in Fall

How are a broom, a pile of leaves and a bottle of white paint going to transform your shop this fall? Read on to find out!fall blogs-03

We’ve got some Fall Pinspriation coming your way this week. Just in time to tweak your fall displays. From visual broom cues to unique pumpkins everything fall is all we’re talking about this week! Visit our Fall Window Display Inspiration Pinterest board for more.

Form AND Function
Functional objects, like the brooms in the image below, can create a visual break in space that catches the eye. Instead of hanging up plain brooms, consider painting the handles (orange and gray are used below) to bring in a subtle sense of fall. What other functional items could be used in your window? What about a ladder, rakes, or even a snow shovel in winter?

Pin 1

Leave Room for Leaves
When we looked at how retailers are using leaves we were practically buried in the results! Below is one of our favorite examples. The simplicity of the leaves strung on fishing wire creates a wonderful sense of vertical space. Plus, it’s simple and easy to take up and put down. We suggest using hot glue to attach the leaves to the line.

Pin 2

Monochromatic Themes
Stand out. When everyone brings the fall colors to the party, you show up with monochromatic! In the image below, we love the White fence paired with the white painted pumpkins. This makes the “Autumn” sign and the red leaves stand out.
Pin 3

Whether you are using functional items in surprising new ways, bringing in leaves or catching the eye with a monochromatic look, Fall is the perfect time to experiment with new looks and get shoppers excited.

And remember, there are plenty more ideas on our Fall Window Display Inspiration Pinterest board!


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