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Surprise and Delight Customers with Contests and Prizes

Sometimes what sets your shop apart is more than just the product.Using contests to drive retail traffic

We all know that differentiation is key to the success of your business. But sometimes the HOW of differentiation can be overwhelming. How do you set your company up as something unique compared to your competition. How do you communicate that difference to your customers? One easy way to set your business apart is through contests.

Store contests allow you to reward your customers for engaging with you. They can also be used to help your customers learn a little more about your company. Finally they can help to create a sense of community. Crystal Zehnle from our Melrose Marketing Department, explains it best when say says “We love doing Facebook contests, they are a great way to engage our retailers and also reach a new audience.”

So how can you run a Facebook contest?

The easiest way to run a Facebook contest is by partnering with a contest provider who can make the contest simple. This includes ensuring the contest follows Facebook legal guidelines and creating a rules and regulations page to go with your contest ,which can save you a lot of time and trouble.

We work with a company called WooBox for our photo contests and pay a small monthly fee for access; about $30 a month. Among other promotional aids, WooBox has templates that allow us to quickly and easily customize great photo contests. For instance we’re currently running a Mother’s Day photo contest that will be live through May 11, 2015. The contest asks our retailers to upload a picture along with a caption about motherhood and then allows voting through the end of the time period. The entrant with the most votes wins a Melrose Prize Pack!

The benefits to a photo contest of this nature include enlarging your audience. By asking your customer to upload a photo and then having their friends vote for a winner, you are engaging not just your customer, but their extended network as well. Crystal explains that “through contests like this, Melrose has gotten product inquiries from new clients and even from consumers; who we were able to direct to a local store that carries our products”.

What are other simple ways to run contests?

There are many other simple ways to run a contest or sweepstakes. This includes a raffle in your store that customers can sign up for. Or, a simple Facebook post contest. To execute a Facebook post contest, you just need an engaging picture or post that you can ask your followers to comment on or share during a certain time period. At the end of the time period you capture all the comments/shares and randomly select a winner.

At Melrose, we’ve done a lot of “like this post for a chance to win” contests and have had a huge amount of success. Around Valentine’s Day we did a “Why you love Melrose” contest in which we asked people to share a Facebook post with a sentence about why they like Melrose. “The contest was a great success,” Crystal explains, adding “we were then able to use some of the comments in the testimonials section of the new website.” You will be surprised by the amount of response that a simple “like” can bring! Start small with a simple “like for a chance to win” contest to get a feel for how it works and then from there, the possibilities are endless!

So get out there and excite your customers with a contest or sweepstakes! Whether you use a contest program like WooBox, a Facebook “likes” contest or simply ask people to enter a raffle in your store, contests are a great way to engage your customers, create community and help them learn more about your business. Plus any giveaway is a great way to show customer appreciation!

Have you been using contests or sweepstakes in your store? How have you run them? What kind of success have you seen? We’d love to hear your story in the comments below!

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