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Summer Show Hit List and Road Warrior Secrets

Summer show season is right around the corner. Here’s everything you need to know.Summer Show BlogToday we’re bringing you show dates and the quick hits you need to know when choosing which show to attend. We also talked to some of our road warriors to find out their tricks for heathy eating during show season. Enjoy!

2017 Summer Show Dates
Minneapolis    June 25-27
Dallas             June 21-27
Atlanta            July 11-18
Las Vegas       July 30 – Aug 1

Show quick hits!
The Minneapolis June market is permanent showrooms only, the temps will be up at their August show. Dallas is having their 60th Anniversary this summer so look for extra festivities. Atlanta, as always, brings thought leadership, this year with “The Great Reset”.  Las Vegas has new staggered show hours with the temporaries opening at 9 instead of 8.

Road warrior tricks to eating well on the road
We do a lot of traveling around here and one thing we’ve noticed is that eating poorly while you travel can really zap you of energy. All the sugar, drinks and extra carbs take their toll. So here are the travel rules we’ve worked out over the years to keep us (literally!) on our feet.

  • Pack smart – we never leave home without a few snacks. Nuts, like almonds which are rich in protein and healthy fat, are the go to but we also like a ripe banana or two.
  • Avoid alcohol – we know, it’s show season! Just go easy at happy hour, and skip your dinner drinks. And if you want to let loose, wait until the last night.
  • Eat a salad – for lunches and dinners, when possible, choose a salad with protein. Skip the bread and ask for an apple. If you’re at an event where there are ½ sandwiches and salad, pick up the salad and top it with the meat from your sandwich.
  • Indulge – We can’t have all work and no play! So, indulge when you decide. Pick a night and order a fancy dessert or have that cookie from the special cookie place. The trick here is to thoughtfully choose your indulgence, not mindlessly munch.

As we approach summer show season we wish you the best when it comes to travel, show events, shopping and eating for energy. And if you need an appointment with your rep, check out our rep locator at the bottom or our showrooms page.

What markets are you headed to and how are you planning to stay energized during show season? Share with us in the comments below!

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  • June 14, 2017

    Love MEL Speak,

    Great “Healthy” reminders for the long, busy days at Market! LOVE Melrose


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