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Store Secrets: Why Bridal Registries and How They Work

In this Part 1 Retail Spotlight we share tips from a popular Home Decor store, Kimberly Drive.Kimberly Drive home decore wholesale“People often ask why I named my store Kimberly Drive” says Maddie Gronewold, Owner of the thriving Home Décor store in Carthage, IL.

“The name originates from the street I grew up on and the doorstep in which I hold my fondest memories” she explained, going on to say that she wants “like everyone else, to have my family always remember the smell, the style and the feel of what it means to be home. My husband is a farmer and I have 2 young boys…Because that is what [the retail home décor business] is: we are in the business of Family. We are in the business of bringing families home. Hence our slogan: Less house, more home.”

Today we’ll explore with Maddie, how she brings the house to home message to her store through bridal registries. Next week we’ll uncover how Maddie uses in-store events and social media to entice her customers.

The Details on Bridal Registries
Imagine Maddie leaning towards you, voice low, saying “Let’s be honest, when it comes to bridal registries, the woman is in charge!”.

With that as a starting philosophy Maddie says it’s “a win-win for home decor retail stores” to have a registry. She points out that “Many times the bride is moving in to the groom’s house, or has a lot of hand-me-down items from college or outdated pieces from earlier years.”

The bride needs new home decor items—new style—to make her new house a lasting home. And Maddie is more than happy to give these things to her “it’s awesome when we get to give the bride not only new salad bowls and crock pots but wall art, accent furniture, or a new rug.”

How does the registry work?
When prompted Maddie was quick to explain. “We work with over 20 distributors so we have tons of catalogs the bride can go through. It’s actually really fun, and they also get to explore their sense of style mixing and matching items together [to complete a registry]”. That means that a selection of items are available to buy in store and the rest are ordered when the guests buy it from the registry. “Many times we do order the actual item in the store, however with bigger items like cabinets, lamps, rugs, etc, we just make a note that it has to be ordered.”

And has then been fruitful for Kimberly Drive? “It has definitely been a great revenue stream for us, especially because wedding season starts in April, when it may not be the absolute busiest time for retail and goes through November.

Of course, as Maddie points out, “People like to give actual “gifts” so many times it is just a small item, and then a gift card towards the registry—which is still a positive for us.”

Maddie cautions anyone starting a registry at their store to be cautions in some respects “we have gotten stuck with some items that were not purchased, so I give a small discount on the item to the bride on any leftovers off of her registry. This way it gets moved and we can get new product in.”

Up-sells and Orders
Finally, there is an opportunity for up-sells (low pressure of course!). “Many times we get new things in that I know will fit into a couple’s new pad” so Maddie lets them know so they can update their registry. “That is the convenience of small shops and knowing your customers! We are looking out for the best for them.”

To actually order it’s from the registry, “guests can go to our website where we have a section for our couples and it gives a full description of the items, price, and if it has been purchased or not. This makes it extremely user friends and convenient, especially for guests that live out of town.”

As Maddie points out Bridal Registries have been extremely successful in her store. She has been able to help new couples create a sense of style and a feeling of home for their new lives together. She has been able to sell more products and even gain new customers as wedding guests visit her store to buy gifts. Next week we’ll continue to unwrap what’s great at Kimberly Drive with a look at her in-store events and social media promotions.

Do you use Bridal Registries in your store? What are some of the tips and tricks that have worked for you?

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