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Store Secrets: How to Host a Pinterest Party

In this Part 2 Retail Spotlight, we share tips from a popular Home Decor store, Kimberly Drive.Kimberly Drive Home Decore, blogLast week we introduced you to Kimberly Drive Home Decor owned by Maddie Gronewold. This thriving home decor store has become a cornerstone of downtown Carthage, IL. Last week we shared with you Maddie’s bridal registry secrets and this week we’re going to dig deeper into in-store events to learn how she puts on Pinterest Night Parties.

Pinterest parties were born from Maddie’s “not so serious business plan” which is to “throw some stuff at the wall, and see what sticks”. In this case her inspiration to host and an n store event to make a Pinterest craft, not only stuck but was a HUGE success.

Part of the success of the event was selecting the right Pinterest project. “We have seen the paint nights and craft nights online…so of course we got on Pinterest and started filtering through things we knew wouldn’t be complete fails (because I feel like as reality has it, most are) and that everyone (even those craftycapped) would have success with,” Maddie explained.

What was the ultimate craft for Kimberly Drive’s first evener Pinterest Night? A simple project involving barn wood and spray paint. Maddie explains “we wanted to keep the rustic theme going.”

Once the craft was selected and a date set Maddie put the event on Facebook and advertised it in store. “We made note of it being on a Thursday night, and that we would have sangria and snacks, and from there the reservations came in floods! We actually had to turn people down because we simply couldn’t fit them,” Maddie said.

“What we have learned from this night and most things that we do, is that it is all about community. It comes down to enjoying one another’s company, to getting out of the house and visiting and supporting one another,” Maddie explained.

This feeling of community gets to the success of Kimberly Drive. Just like Maddie’s slogan is Less house, more home the same could be said of her store. That’s it’s less store and more community shop—sort of the modern day equivalent of the general stores of old where neighbors swapped stories and the  owner knew every one’s name. Maddie goes on to explain “that was the most successful part of the night. Nearly 40 women came out to have community together and do something fun along the way!”

Do you feel that community is an important part of your store? What strategies are you using to create community? Are store events, like Pinterest Night’s a part of your program?

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