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Store Secrets: Creating Amazing Photos and Videos to Promote your Store

In this Retail Spotlight Part 3, we share tips from a popular Home Decor store, Kimberly Drive.Retailer Feature: HOw to make Videos for your store

In this Store Secrets Part 3 we hear again from Kimberly Drive Home Decore owner Maddie Gronewold. In the past she has shared with us secrets of bridal registries and how to host a Pinterest Night in your store. This time Maddie shares with us her process for effortlessly creating photos and videos for her store.  

It all starts with social media…

Why is social media so important for retailers? Maddie confidently shares “Our customers aren’t using Google or basic search engines to see what we are doing, on the contrary, Facebook, Snap Chat, and Instagram have become the leaders in retail promotion…and the interaction between brick and mortar stores and consumers.”

And what does Maddie consider the BEST content for those social sites? Video!

“I could post words and descriptions all day long…but people are visual, they want to see how [a product] will physically benefit them,” she said, which is why she uses so many videos on her social feeds. She adds that a great way to cut through the clutter is to “go live” with Facebook and Instagram live video options.

“One of the most important things I have learned working is that people want to get to know YOU as an owner or sales staff. By posting videos we are…offering a virtual shopping experience,” she said. And that allows the consumer to get to know you AND your products.

How does the video magic happen?

Maddie has tested several different ways to take video in her store. Her favorite? Instagram. “Many times we use Instagram to film the physical video because it allows you to film different scenes and then incorporates it into one video stream.”

She added that, “From Instagram you can share automatically to Facebook… Easy Peasy!”

Aside from Instagram, Maddie and her team have also tried SnapChat. She likes it because, “we can save a video from Snap, and upload it automatically to Facebook.” Clearly saving time and using content across multiple social platforms is the way to go.

Finally, Maddie said that, “if we are running just a promotion with no pictures, the App Ripl, allows videos or just simple clean graphics to promote discounts/sales.”

And Pictures?

“A lot of times a simple picture cannot grab the attention like a video” Maddie maintains. But, she adds, “when it DOES come to photography, it has to be good.”

Most of the Kimberly Drive photography is done in store. Maddie explains that, “We have a handmade white box that we use to get a real clean picture of the product.” She likes to use this method so that shoppers can focus on the product without the distraction of the environment.

However, she adds, that many times they take the photos right in store as they are displayed. “This gives consumers a better sense of how they would actually use the product in their own home,” she said.

How does photography work?

Surprisingly, most of the time the pictures are taken using cell phones, then they are adjusted for color. “We use apps like Photoshop Express PhotoGrid, and Instagram to edit. These are all extremely user friendly and you can upload straight to your social media site from them.”

Finally, Maddie likes to get photos from vendors (when they match the style they use in store). She said, “We have used photos straight from the vendors before, especially if it is a drop ship item that we do not physically get in the store.”

For improving your communication with your customers think social media, think video and then think photo. Get creative and use the social channel’s video and photo creation programs to get started. Also, consider vendor photos—to get you started there, visit the Melrose Ad Downloader.

Are you using photos and videos to promote your products to shoppers? Are you creating the images yourself or using vendor supplied images – maybe both? We’d love to hear about how you share your product with the world in the comments section below!

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