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Sticking to Your Goals: A Guide for Gift Shop Retailers

Goals are easy to make but keeping them is a different story. Melrose is here to help!Business Goals For retailers

At the start of the year many of us make goals for ourselves or our business, but by March, lots of goals have fizzled out. So this week we’re talking about how to go back and revisit your goals to reframe them for success! We’re sharing steps to help you stick to your goals.

Review Your Goals
First, take a look at your goals for the year (or your business plan if you didn’t make any this year). Sometimes we get a little caught up in the moment and make goals we don’t have the intention to stick to. Take a moment to be honest with yourself and choose the goals that you really have heart for. This may mean you take a few of your current goals off your list or add a couple new ones to it.

Make ‘em Measurable
Now take a look at your goals and decide if they are measurable. “Get more customers in my store” is a great goal but it’s pretty broad so it would be both hard to stick to and hard to decide when you’ve reached success. Consider making your goal more measurable and specific such as “Use a customer referral program to get 10 more customers a week into my store”.

Make a Plan
While you’ve probably got a lot of goals for yourself for the year, it’s unlikely that you can complete them all at once. So organize your goals in a logical order. If you want to “Use a customer referral program to get 10 more customers a week into my store”, “Reevaluate my product mix to remove 5 underperforming products” and “Attend market to get inspired and bring 3 totally new products to my store” you’ll want to organize that list! If you had the goals above, you could reevaluate your product mix first, then attend a summer market to get new products and finally, plan for a customer referral event in the fall.

Visualize Your Plan
Grab a calendar (or print yourself one from this site!) and put your goals on the calendar. Then take each goal and break it into realistic steps. For your “attend a summer market…” goal you would probably want to research the markets, sign up for the one you want to attend, book your travel, and then review the vendors to plan your visit. Each of these steps can be a task on your calendar—and they can be spaced out a bit so they don’t feel overwhelming.

Work Your Plan
Review your goal plan at a set day and time each week. One of our customers said she blocks off Friday morning from 8-9 am to work on her goals and make sure she is on track.

When you reach one of your goals take some time for pride. And reward yourself! Maybe that’s a special dinner at market. Or a day off. Maybe you bring someone in to help set your store with your new product so you don’t have to do it on your own. Whatever you decide, put your celebrations on your calendar so you can look forward to them! Then share your goals and your celebrations in the comments section below! We’d love to know what you’ve got planned for the rest of your year!


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