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Social Media Marketing: Trends in Pictures

The truth in social: you’re only as good as you look.Social Media Marketing tips-01A picture may be worth a thousand word but only if it’s the right one. Including lots of logos and obvious product placement in pictures is not exciting to your audience. The good news is, you can take great photos on your phone to entice and absorb your audience. Below are some examples of engaging images from all over social media along with a brief take away.

social 1
Letterfolk, handcrafted felt letterboards.
According to HubspotNot only is this photo showing a funny and clever message, but it’s also very, very relatable for parents of young children — a very large audience and also one of Letterfolk’s target customers. It’s also a very taggable photo, so the comment section is rife with Instagram users mentioning their friends’ usernames so they can share in the fun.”
social 2
Takeaway: According to Mavrck the NBA has more engagement than any other pro sport because their content is snackable. “The content is easy to access, very engaging, and relatively brief- the ultimate trifecta of social media success.”

social 3
: LL Bean
Takeaway: According to HubSpot their images are 100% relevant to their target audience, and shows their product in an unobtrusive way. “Here’s an example of a Facebook Page that focuses on the customer. The content they post is interesting and super relevant for their target audience: cool photos, videos, and tips for outdoor adventurers.

social 4
: Vans
Takeaway: Vans uses a collage of simple and clean images to show custom shoes. This allows their audience to build a mental picture of the product from all angles— bringing home the quality and appeal.

social 5
: General Assembly
Takeaway: Adding icons to a photo is a simple way to make it unique and noteworthy. This post from General Assembly shows the Denver skyline, which isn’t particularly interesting without the icons (sorry Denver!).

From behind the scenes images to products in use, to adding icons for color pictures have never been more important on social media. We know that marketers are “relying on visual content more than ever” to capture their audience’s attention. There is no reason you can’t do this too.

Are you seeing success with custom social media images? What kind of shots work best for you? We’d love to hear your story in the comments section below!

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