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Say Sayonara to These 4 Home Trends

4 trends-01Luckily home trends move more slowly than fashion trends. A color like turquoise might move through the fashion world in a few fast seasons but will be popular in home decor for 10 years or more.

That’s great for our industry as it gives time for consumers to catch on to a trend and start to use it in their home. But it can also mean that we get comfortable with items that are sorely outdated.

Sharp Edges
Think of those sharp-edged dining tables, low sharp coffee tables seemingly designed for you to bang your shins on and super angled décor. Too much of a good thing has happened and it is time to start thinking more round. Perhaps that is why this unique rounded lantern was such a great seller at our Summer Market.

70780 - Lantern 22"H Metal/Glass

Round Metal and Glass Lantern (Product #70780) was a top seller at the summer shows.

We loved you in 1983. But now, silver and tarnished metals have taken over our hearts. The good news is: if there are a few brass items in your store that you love, mixing them in with other metals will keep you current without breaking the bank. Thank goodness mixed metals are a staying trend!

Overly Modern and Monochromatic
Those rooms that are so smooth and sleek you feel like you’d slide right off the couch? Those are over. That’s great news because it also means that the under-decorated minimalist look is out as well. Bring on the knickknacks.

We know. We shed a tear, too. But, be aware that Chevron is starting its decline. This means that when you next head to market think twice about over-investing. Our advice would be to grab a few must-have items that you know your shoppers will want and then explore other patterns and textures like plaid and floral.

As home trends start to shift overly modern looks will go away and older trends such as brass and overstuffed furniture will fade out. Be aware of super trends like Chevron and DIY which came on fast and will go out soon.

What home trends are you seeing in your shop? Is Chevron still hot? Have Sharp Edges been out for years? Share with us in the comments below!

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