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The $5 Club

Making your shop more…shoppable!5 Club

A wise retailer once told us “Everyone who comes in my store wants to buy something; it’s my job to make sure I have something for them”. That’s a good attitude but what exactly does it mean? In her case it means having items at a variety of price points to fit any shopper’s budget. Specifically, she kept a stock of $5 items for that first time shopper who was not ready to make a big purchase…yet.

It seems like a simple and sound philosophy but the reality is – what CAN you sell for $5 anymore?

We’ve started a list for you to find out!

Themed playing cards
You can buy from a vendor or customize your own decks for your area (local cause, local high school, town name, etc). Consider selling a different deck every couple months with a charity tie in.

Pretty collectible items

Try these small birds from Melrose that will retail for about five dollars for the set.  Items like these allow your shoppers to start a new collection or dabble with a new decorating style.


Crayons and coloring books

Remember the children….because you know grandparents and other family members do! An inexpensive coloring book with a couple markers or crayons can be a great gift pack. Consider buying bulk crayons and making your own sets of 3-5 (tied nicely with ribbon) to sell with the coloring books.

Gourmet food

Think small jars of local jam, fancy mini chocolate bars, and coffee sampler bags. Sometimes people just want to splurge on a little something. This just means they will fall in love and next time buy the full size version!

Christmas ornaments

Holiday decorations can be expensive, but offering a few items at a low price point can let your shoppers try something new. We like these classic holiday ornaments that retail for about $4 each when sold individually.


While the dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to, $5 can still buy a lot. So make it easy for your shoppers to develop a relationship with you and make that first purchase. You never know where it could lead. Plus, who doesn’t love a good deal?

Are you offing products at a variety of price points in your store? What low price point items sell the best? We want to hear about your experience in the comments section below!


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